Everything you’ll ever need – in one integrated platform

WorkflowMax offers you a complete, cloud-based solution to manage projects and jobs.



Lead Management

Track your leads, proposals and sales pipeline from one place.

From the Sales Pipeline Management Dashboard, you can compare the percentage of leads for every month and see how your sales team is performing.

Online Quoting Software

With WorkflowMax quoting software you can rend reliable and completely customisable estimates in a few easy clicks.

Keep your prospects happy with speedy online quoting.

Enter data once at the lead stage, and carry that same data throughout your sales loop - from quoting and job management right through to invoicing.

Streamlined Process

Automatically store emails, documents and other data against a lead. You have everything you need at your fingertips, and all this data will be carried through.

Win the Paper War

Get your quote looking the way you want it. Add your own logo, branding, payment terms and optional extras. Retain complete control over your estimates.

Fully Customizable

From quote to job to invoice, you can offer clients complete visibility. With an online quoting system, you have a record of exactly what’s been done on a job.

Complete Transparency

Client Manager

View all your client information from one easy-to-navigate screen. Manage client collaboration and your relationships better and get more business.

Job Management Software

Want to see all your company’s jobs at a glance? WorkflowMax Job Scheduling Software does this, and so much more.

With our customer management software, all your client info is in one, easy-to-access location. Search and access any details about a client or prospect.

Keep Clients Organized

Software updates are seamless and automatic. Every few weeks we release innovative new features, which are automatically updated when you log in.

Worry-Free Maintenance

Your staff can place their name next to a job, and with the job scheduler, you can instantly see who has worked on their desk.

Employee Scheduling Software

The real-time status of each job is shown in the job management software, so you can see where each job is in the process.

Get the Scoop

Tracking & Timesheet Software

Sick of manually inputting timesheet info? Now, employees take control of their own timesheets, and WorkflowMax does the rest.


Sitting on a train? Hiking in the Alps? With WorkflowMax for iOS and Android, you can work from anywhere.

Our project time tracking software will show you who has been working on each job and how long it has taken them.

Keep Tabs on the Business

With the WorkflowMax time-sheet app, employees can complete their own time-sheets online, leaving you free to get on with your own tasks.

No More Excel

Take advantage of quick swipe controls and the simplicity of the interface, so you can get on with doing what you do best

User-Friendly & Intuitive

Work on any iOS 9 supported device, from anywhere in the world, whether you’re at a bistro in Paris or a monastery in Tibet.

iOS & Android

Job Costing

Our powerful job costing software helps you understand where your profits are being generated from.

Purchase Orders

Manage your outgoings and track purchase orders against job costing.

With the job order cost system, you can understand your profitability and learn whether you need to raise rates.

Show me the money!

Instantly know how costs and invoices are stacking up in the job order costing system.

Stay on top

Separate out items in a purchase order across multiple jobs.

Bulk purchase orders

Save time by entering purchase order data once and have it appear in Xero and WorkflowMax.

Eliminate double entry

Document Management

Store, manage and share documents in WorkflowMax and through leading third-party document management tools.

Invoice Management Software

Invoicing is one of the best parts of doing business – the part where we get paid – but it can also be a headache. Not anymore.

You can store up to 25GB of documents FREE on WorkflowMax servers, enabling you to cut costs on cloud storage.

25GB free storage

A powerful online document storage and management system created by the world’s most powerful search engine.

Google Drive

Enjoy complete control by invoicing based on tasks or staff rates, and control how much information appears on your invoice. Edit any field in the invoice billing software to create a fully customized document.

Control how you invoice

Combine Xero and WorkflowMax for powerful small business invoice software. Push your sales invoices into Xero, with all the info intact. Once reconciled, you can see your profitability in WorkflowMax.

Xero Integration

Cloud Software Integration

Owned by Xero, WorkflowMax offers the closest integration with Xero accounting of any available app. Enter information into one system and it pops through on the other – automagically.


Do you know which of your jobs are the most profitable? Or where your business makes and loses money? With powerful online reporting, you can get detailed, actionable business insights at the click of a button.

With Xero and WorkflowMax integrated together for your business, you have a powerful, end‑to-end business solution at your fingertips.

A Complete Solution

Get an accurate view of your business as invoices, purchase orders, contacts, and payments move between Xero and WorkflowMax.

No more Double-Handling

Get a snapshot of your performance with a range of business intelligence tools.

Performance Reports

With our powerful, flexible report builder, you can display your business data however you like.

Build your own report

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