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Do you want to save time and run your business more efficiently?

TidyWork is a cloud-based project and job management system that makes it easy to manage your business from proposal to invoice any time, from any device and in any location. TidyWork integrates seamlessly with Xero.

Create a fixed price quote or an estimate, giving a price for time and materials. Once the quote is accepted, a new project will be created with a ‘not started’ status.


Create invoices within TidyWork and push them through to Xero. Approved time, materials and expenses are automatically added to an invoice queue.


TidyWork provides real-time information on a project’s cost, profitability, and timeliness from the moment you create or import a project plan.


Describe, prioritize and assign tasks and their target completion date. Submit time, materials and expenses at the end of a day or week - whatever suits your business.

Task Management

TidyWork creates reports as Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PDF files.

Document Management

TidyWork integrates seamlessly with Xero, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Outlook and other software solutions.  



Do you manage stock?

TidyStock is a cloud-based stock and inventory management system that enables efficient use and tracking of resources. The easy integration with Xero ensures all materials are invoiced effectively. Use TidyStock and avoid discrepancies and double entry.

Create and manage purchase orders including split receipts. Receipt purchase orders line-by-line and apportion freight.

Manage Purchases

Bill of materials/product assemblies.

Product Assemble

Produce packing slips and sales quotes. Automatically push invoices from TidyStock to Xero.

Sales Management

Bulk data CSV import and export.

CSV & Excel Export

Locations: manage and track stock in multiple locations. Import and export bulk data. Create and manage price tiers, quantity and customer specific pricing.

Coordinate Multiple Locations

Automatically push invoices from TidyStock to Xero. Developer API Integration.

API Integration


Do you manage projects in the construction industry?

TidyBuild is a cloud-based project management software designed for the construction industry. TidyBuild integrates seamlessly with Xero, making it the ultimate cloud-based software solution for construction projects.

See what status your quote is at any time – 5 different stages. Edit the new project by assigning a project manager – quoted details are automatically transferred into the new project.

Sales Tracking

Use our project console to view all project components in one place. A personalized dashboard contains just the information and tools you need in your role.

Project Tracking

Allocate staff resources and charge-out rates to your job or project. Check off and approve work.

Staff Management

Check 'planned' against 'actual' cost. Avoid cost over-run-on projects with detailed reporting and heat maps.


Choose the level of detail you'd like your customer to see – a summary or a detailed account.

Personalized Invoice

TidyBuild integrates seamlessly with Xero, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Outlook and other software solutions. Select the invoices you want to generate within Xero. Your invoices will automatically be matched to the right Xero account.

Cloud App Integration


Cloud-based management for manufacturers

TidyEnterprise combines all the features of TidyWork and TidyStock and more into one cloud-based system to help you manage your business processes from quotes through to invoices. Keep track of costs and time scales. Manage materials, stock and resources to ensure everyone, from your employees to sub-contractors, can run your operations simply and powerfully, enabling efficient, profitable results.

Quotes – Create Quotes and track where they are at with five different quote stages. Accepted quotes create a new project. Invoicing – Create invoices in TidyEnterprise and push them through to your Xero accounting system.

Sales Pipeline

Project: Planning – Plan your project from proposal to invoice. Create a new project or clone a previous one. Project: Tracking – View all project components - cost, profitability, and timeliness – on the TidyEnterprise console.

Project Planning

Managed stock – Managed stock requires every change to a unit and stock level be formally made via sales, purchase orders and adjustments. Purchase orders – Purchase order approval, Create and manage, Receipt orders, Split receipts.

Inventory Management

Xero – Click the Xero icon within TidyEnterprise to create a draft or final invoice in Xero, ready to approve and send out. View a PDF of the final Xero invoice in TidyEnterprise. API – Our API allows customers and third-party integrators to connect other applications to TidyEnterprise and exchange data.

Developer Friendly

Personalised dashboard – A personalized dashboard contains just the information required for Project Manager, HR Administrator or Team Member.

Dashboard Reporting

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