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Rhellin (or Rhel, as we call her) is the youngest member of our Manila Team, working as an accountant under the supervision of Andy Wang, The Wellness Accountant. She was born and raised in the province of Lingayen Pangasinan – Philippines, living a simple and happy life with her family. She is a soft-hearted person who dares to fight every challenge and uncertainty that appear along her journey. She strives for a life of meaning for herself and others, pursuing a career filled with constant personal learning and improvement, while also encouraging others to pursue learning and improvement themselves.


Rhel is a University of Luzon graduate, holding a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Accountancy. She finished her studies in 2012, being a consistent Dean’s Lister during her university days. She decided to take her Board Exam immediately after graduating, passing her Licensure Exam and becoming a Certified Public Accountant in just one take!


In 2013 Rhellin started working as a Branch Accountant at the CitySavings Bank. Her responsibilities included doing day to day financial transactions such as purchases, receipts and payments. After a year at the company she was promoted to Internal Audit Officer, moving to the Bank’s Main Office. As an Internal Auditor, Rhellin was required to travel around the country visiting the bank’s branches and doing fieldwork. That lifestyle change demanded a lot from Rhellin, so she decided to find a different position where she didn’t have to travel as much.


She then started working for Avida Land Corporation, an Ayala Land Company that provides real estate development services in the Philippines. Her position was an Accounting Associate, focussing on Tax Accounting. Three months after that, Rhellin decided to leave the company due to health problems and the search of a better work-life balance.


In 2017 she started working for ABS-CBN Shared Service Centre Pte Ltd as a Tax Specialist, wherein her responsibilities included timely filing and computation of company tax obligations, tax advisory support and the submission of reports to the tax authorities.


Rhellin was still enduring an endless search for a more meaningful career path which comprised a better work-life balance. While browsing through a career website she got in contact with Diane Pendle Inc, who introduced her to Accodex. Rhelin’s outstanding personality and notable academic and professional backgrounds were a perfect match for the Accodex Team.


Working at Accodex enabled Rhel to explore her career, attain a better work-life balance and still have time to focus on her online food retail business. Her role here is to ensure that the finances and tax of the clients are well taken cared of, up to date and in compliance. This includes preparation of tax returns, bookkeeping and other tasks which may give valuable service to the clients.




  • Accodex PartnersAccountant


  • ABS-CBN Shared Service Centre Pte. LimitedTax Specialist


  • Avida Land CorporationAccounting Associate/ Tax Accountant


  • Citisavings BankInternal Auditor Officer


  • Citysavings Bank – Branch Accountant



  • XeroXero Certified Advisor


  • PRC Certified Public Accountant


  • University of Luzon Bachelor of Science in Accountancy


  • University of LuzonDean’s Lister

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”

– Colin Powell.

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