Reward your Innovative Efforts


The Australian Government’s Research & Development (R&D) Tax Incentive program is designed to encourage businesses of all shapes and sizes from different sectors and industries to engage in innovative activities.

The program itself will provide considerable financial benefits – in the form of a rebate – for eligible business currently or expecting to undertake innovative ventures.

What are the Benefits?

The R&D Tax incentive is open to companies in all sectors that are conducting R&D activities. The benefits from this program are available for the following:

Open to All Australian Registered Entities

Eligible companies must have notional R&D deductions for an income year of at least $20,000 to claim an R&D Tax Offset.


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Minimal Notional Deduction

A 43.5% refundable tax offset for eligible entities with an aggregated turnover of less than $20 per annum, proived they are not controlled by income tax exempt entities.


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43.5% Refundable Tax Offset

A 38.5% non-refundable tax offset for all other eligible entities (entities may be able to carry forward unused offset amounts to future income years)


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38.5% Non-Refundavle Tax Offset

You and your business may be eligible for the R&D Tax Incentive!

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Broadly speaking only Australian registered companies are eligible for the R&D Tax Incentives. That being said, eligibility can be separated under the following definitions:

You can only claim an R&D tax offset if you are an R&D entity.


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Eligible Entities

Your eligibility to claim the R&D tax offset will also depend on where you are conducting your R&D activities and, importantly, what those activities are.


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Eligible Activities

You may be entitled to an R&D tax offset if your total notional deductions for an income year are at least $20,000. 


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Eligible Notional Deductions


Why Accodex R&D Tax Advisory?

Accodex has always proudly stood at the forefront of innovation. We never shy away from innovative endeavours because we understand that the successes and sustainability of contemporary businesses, regardless of their size, product or service offerings, are all heavily dependent upon their own innovative capabilities.


To us, innovation is the act of creating a product, service, process, technology or business model faster, cheaper, better or more efficient. As a company that values innovation, we are committed to providing our business owners with the support they will require in their pursuit to become innovative.

Our Research & Development Tax Advisory service provides you, as business owners, with the guidance and accessibility you will require to receive your R&D Tax Rebate.


Application processes can be daunting, unfamiliar and time-consuming. Our aim is to simplify your application process as well as helping you prepare any important documents essential to the process.


The following are a list of services our R&D Tax Advisory Team offers:


Eligibility Assessment


R&D Tax Incentive Preparation


Tax Advisory


Tax Scheduling


Document Substantiation


Technical Scoping

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Meet our Research & Development Experts


Amy Hancock

Research & Development Advisory Partner

Amy Hancock is our R&D Tax Advice specialist.

Her role uniquely focuses on assisting and education our clients on their R&D initiatives; teaching them the benefits of R&D tax incentives as well as aiding them throughout the grant application processes. She believes her previous experiences as an advisor within the areas of R&D will benefit our clients considerably.


Patrick Graham

Accounting Advisory Partner

A Chartered Accountant whose career included the Auditor General’s Department, McGrath Nicol and The University of South Australia. Patrick’s specialist practice at Accodex is in start-ups, advanced manufacturing and tech enabled hospitality. His experience in Controls Audit, Corporate Recovery and Management Accounting has provided him a diverse skill set and a keen eye for systems and processes applicable to any industry.

Does your business qualify for R&D Tax Incentives & Grants?

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