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Tammy Hoimes is an Adelaidian native who is defined by her intense passion for sports, technology and business advisory. A natural-born leader and innate problem-solver, Tammy has always utilized these strengths in pursuit of achieving her purpose and potential as an accountant and advisor.


Ever since her childhood, Tammy has always exhibited a tendency to go out of her way to help others; establishing a name for herself as the ‘all-rounder’, due to her unparalleled resourcefulness, encouragement and assistance.


As superfluous as it may sound, Tammy attributes the foundation of these traits as a simple desire to be surrounded by ‘joy’. Realizing that in reality, happiness is a state that can be hard to attain for some, Tammy was determined to take it upon herself to help others in their own pursuit of happiness.


Upon the completion of High School, Tammy found that she had a certain affinity for accounting and numbers, and was enrolled to begin her Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Finance. While her initial investment within the field had been motivated purely by her compatibility with accounting, Tammy had very quickly understood the significance of an accountant’s role – and through this realization, she was able to clearly see how her desire to guide and support others could perfectly complement her accounting skills.


Graduating from the University of Adelaide in 2010, Tammy then, started working for her father’s dental practice as the clinic’s Administrative Executive and Practice manager before moving on to various other firms and accounting roles over the years; further honing her skills as a business advisor.


It was also during this time that she had first-hand exposure to a variety of small business software. Initially only dwelling within the area of bookkeeping and practice management, Tammy immediately saw the unprecedented value of cloud technology’s benefits.


Referring to the influx of entrepreneurship during the same period as the ‘Small-Business Renaissance’, Tammy was correctly convinced that this new wave of technology would be a key-defining moment for the future of businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Having realized the difficulty in trying to change the accounting industry on her own, Tammy decided to seek out like-minded professionals who also share her worldview.


Coincidentally, Tammy, who had been childhood friends with Accodex’s CEO, was approached by and immediately captivated at the prospect of working with a company whose mission was  to ‘Democratize Business Intelligence.’


Now a member of Accodex Partner’s, Tammy intends to offer services within the area of advisory, tax, bookkeeping and compliance. Taking advantage of the benefits of modern technology, she wants to make sure that each of her clients is equipped with the best software available and receive a level of service befitting a modern business of the 21st century.




  • Accodex Partner – Accounting Partner


  • Accodex Partner – Accountant


  • Feel Good International – Retail & Finance Operations Manager


  • CPC Lawyers – Legal Bookkeeper


  • Adelaide Accounting Service – Accountant


  • Cross Road Dental – Practice Manager/Accountant


  • EFM Corporate Pty Ltd – Personal Trainer



  • University of Adelaide
    – Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Accounting and Finance


  • Unley High School – Year 12 SACE

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