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Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Ricardo was already exposed to the world of business from a very young age. Growing up in an entrepreneurial household, Ricardo worked very closely with his father who ran his own video production firm. At the time Ricardo’s father, Marcos, had left his secure position as a Bank Manager in pursuit of something more purposeful – a trait that Ricardo would inherit.


Embarking on a journey to discover the world for himself in 2004, Ricardo left his home and applied to learn English in Adelaide via an exchange program. Despite living abroad for only nine months, Ricardo quickly grew in love with the city and considered Adelaide his second home. Suffice to say, he was devastated when his exchange had finally come to an end. Flying back to Brazil with every intention to return to Adelaide, Ricardo had begun scheming his next – more permanent – visit.


Staying true to his ambitions, Ricardo was on a one-way flight back to Adelaide in 2007. He would then go on to enroll at Edith Cowan University and soon learned the pains of independence and life, balancing a full study load alongside the odd job here and there to make ends meet. Yet as a testament to his diligence, Ricardo still holds these years very fondly and close to his heart.


Graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor of Business with majors in Marketing and International Business, Ricardo immediately landed a job with UniLife, working as their Marketing Coordinator and was responsible for the creation and curation of content for marketing and advertising purposes. This comprised of editorial responsibilities for content published in branded magazines, emails, newsletters and websites. After 10 months at UniLife, Ricardo moved over to Seeley International Pty Ltd where he was their Marketing Administrator, assisting the managing the company’s digital presence, website and search engine optimization implementations.


At the end of 12 months, Ricardo left Seeley and decided to venture into his own business. Becoming an entrepreneur and co-founding his own Marketing Consultancy, Jove Strategy, in 2011. The consultancy firm was envisioned around Ricardo’s passion for businesses and in his endeavor, he wanted to use his love as skills as a trained marketer to help educate and guide his clients in successfully operating within the modern world of commerce. Offering a range of marketing services such as SEO implementation, social media, communication and brand strategy, as well as general marketing assistance and training.



In 2012, while still running Jove Strategy, Ricardo enrolled once again into university, this time at the University of Adelaide. Nearing the end of his studies, he was completing his 3-month internship at Australian Unity before graduating from his post-graduate studies in 2014 with a Master of Applied Finance. A Bachelor’s and now a Master’s under his belt, Ricardo began interning for Ernst & Young early 2014 and obtained a more permanent position as their accountant; where he would remain for 2 years between 2015-2017.


While working at EY, Ricardo specialized in Auditing & Assurance and for the first time in a long while, he was able to achieve the stability he needed to settle down and refocus on his own personal development and ambitions. During his tenure at EY, Ricardo’s introspective journey sparked his desire and yearning for a larger purpose in his career. While his experience at EY was unquestionably beneficial in honing his skills as an accountant, Ricardo felt that his personal contribution was dwarfed by the change he wanted to bring to the industry. This eventually prompted his departure from EY in July of 2017.


It was not until 2 months after EY, in September of 2017, that Ricardo had stumbled across Accodex Partners; immediately taking a liking to the culture, people and vision that the company embraces. Discovering a team of like-minded individuals with whom shares his vision and determination to leave a positive imprint on the future of the industry for years to come, it was no mistake that Ricardo had instantly wanted to come onboard – and as the saying goes, “…and the rest was history.”


An accountant armed with the skills of a marketer and a deep reverence for the interconnectedness of a business’s operations and how it is affected by the economy as a whole, Ricardo yearns to fuse his talents as an accountant and expertise as a marketer to help his clients establish a more holistic view of their business and its place in the community. As an Accodex Partner, Ricardo wants to use his skills as a mediator and communicator to simplify accounting to his clients. He firmly believes that fear and inadequacies can be overcome if clients are properly guided to appreciate the importance of accounting within their business.




  • Accodex Partners – Accounting Partner


  • Ernst & Young – Accountant, Assurance Intern


  • Australian Unity – Investment Intern


  • Jove Strategy – Co-Founder, Marketing Strategist


  • Seeley International Pty Ltd – Marketing Administrator


  • UniLife Inc – Marketing Coordinator



  • University of Adelaide – Master of Applied Finance


  • Edith Cowan University – Bachelor of Business, International Business & Marketing

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Written by Ricardo

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