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Rachel is an Accodex Partner based out of Silicon Valley, California. She works alongside Shamal Asnani, a fellow Accodexian, managing accounting, bookkeeping, and social media marketing needs.


Rachel grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco in a little city called Hayward. She would never have imagined becoming an Accountant when she was in high school, as math, geometry and statistics were the classes she dreaded going to.


As a teenager, Rachel was fascinated with women in business suits. She would see them all around when visiting her mom’s work, at the bank. At first, she thought she was merely impressed by their sense of fashion, but after taking a deeper look, she realized it was their confidence, knowledge and competence that really impressed her. Despite not even considering business as a career at the time, she knew that whatever the future held, it was part of her mission to conduct herself in that same way.


The influence of strong, independent women, however, was always a factor in her life. Rachel’s mother raised her and her younger brother by herself, often having to play the role of a father too. Despite having the odds against her, Margaret, Rachel’s mother, led by example when it comes to staying strong in the face of adversity.


After graduating high school, she attended Chabot College to begin her studies and figure out her career path. The image of those women in suits led Rachel to decide the businesswoman she wanted to become and so she set her sights to her degree.

Nevertheless, the prerequisite classes for a business major include a great deal of math classes, which was never Rachel’s strongest asset. She was certainly determined to take on this challenge to not only relearn math but to master the ability to analyse numbers in a business environment. After completing her general education requirements, she transferred to Cal State East Bay.


At 21 years old, Rachel started working part-time as a Junior Accountant at a construction firm, while still enrolled as a full-time student at Cal State East Bay. This helped her supplement her education by applying concepts that she learns in class to real-world scenarios. She learned skills like bookkeeping, payroll, and HR administration duties.


It was also during this time that she began developing a strong mentor-mentee relationship with the controller of the company, Gracie Uchida. To Rachel, Gracie was the personification of the ideal business woman she envisioned herself growing to be.


At the age of 23, Rachel finished her Business Administration degree, concentrating in accounting, marketing, and corporate management. After graduating, she quickly took a dive into the public accounting sector gaining experience in tax and audit. After obtaining some experience in public accounting, she wanted to try working in corporate accounting. Rachel then started working at a tech company doing accounts payable and accounts receivable work.


Rachel has always been a little bit different from most accountants. As well as an accountant, she is a dedicated athlete and takes part in powerlifting competitions. Rachel’s love and commitment to powerlifting have influenced her to excel and push her own limits in the workplace. She approaches her work and gym life very similarly, always setting goals, making progress and setting even higher goals.


In addition to a businesswoman, and a high-level strength athlete, Rachel is a proud geek. When she’s not in front of a computer helping clients with their financial endeavours, or at the gym lifting iron, she spends her time-consuming content and drawing material from anime or superhero comics, movies, and tv shows. It doesn’t take too long after meeting her to discover that her favourite characters are Wonder Woman and Sailor Moon. The combination of strength, intelligence, and just a little bit of quirkiness captures exactly the type of person she is.




  • Accodex Partners – Partner


  • Strongstyle Athletics – Co-Founder


  • Ritchie Bros. – Accountant


  • IronPlanet – Accountant


  • Gallina LLP – Staff Accountant, Audit & Tax Intern


  • Ad-In – Administrative Accountant


  • New Haven Unified School – Tutor (Volunteer)



  • California State University East Bay – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Majoring in Accounting, Marketing & Corporate Management


  • Chabot College – Accounting

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