Inspired through Technology

The business world is rapidly advancing; with cloud, mobile and artificial intelligence changing the way that businesses operate and distribute their products and services. At Accodex, we are here to partner with and guide you through the complexities of technology adoption and the related organisational change.


We have done all the hard work in researching the best that Cloud Technology has to offer for the market to ensure that we provide our clients with the professional service that comes with our expertise.

Why Accodex Technology

Accodex prides itself on building a team of industry leading accounting and technology professionals. With partners located across Australia, the UK and United States, we are able to obtain the knowledge and insight from real world experience across a wide range of industries operating within the world’s leading markets.


Technology Implementation

Technology has increasingly become the defining competitive advantage across many industries. Software is now connected and intertwined into every function of a business, facilitating the management and distribution of products and services in ways that were inconceivable just 5 years ago.


With technological advancement comes a greater deal of complexity and a higher level of risk associated with technology decisions. Whilst large corporations have full times CTOs on staff to guide them through these challenges, many SMEs are left to make these decisions themselves.


The Technology Strategist

The role of the Technology Strategist is to provide your management team with strategic advice relating to technology implementation and adoption. This service is designed to provide management with the advice needed to consistently align business processes with the technology specified during the strategy. This ensures that the business is continuously improving and achieving a return on the investment in technology.

The Accodex Difference

An Accodex Technology Strategist will provide you and your business with the insight, care and expertise you deserve. Each of our Approved and Trained Tech Strategist will deliver you the peace of mind you need to keep your business growing sustainably:

Our Tech Strategist will ensure that your businesses processes and the software they implement align with your business structure. Because technology is supposed to make your life simpler not harder.

Aligning Your Business Process

There is no shame in being tech-illiterate! Your Accodex Tech Strategist will ensure that your business and its infrastructure is fitted with the best technology has to offer as well as keeping your process up to date with every update rollout. Never again, will you need to worry about constantly being on top of your tech infrastructure.

Procurement of New Tech

Technology can be cumbersome and more confusing than helpful at the best of times. Your Accodex Tech Strategist will ensure that you and your business are tech-enabled so that you can fully leverage the power of your new Cloud Infrastructure.

Strategic Planning

Change is daunting. Change requires effort. Our Tech Strategists are veterans in this area. Through their past experiences, our strategist will ensure that all your affected stakeholders are trained to successfully utilise your new and improved infrastructure.

Change Management

An Accodex Tech Strategist's job does not end at the completion of the project. We understand that a new infrastructure (let alone a tech one) will require time and patience to adequately utilise. That is why your strategist will remain with you and your team to continue to provide you with advice on the tech trends and changes within your industry.

Keeping on top of Tech Trends

As your business and team grow over time, their needs will change accordingly. Our Tech Strategist will make sure that whatever your needs we will always have the right technology ready to accommodate that growth. Whether it be training new team members or re-enabling current ones. Our team will be there with you along the way.

Growing with your Business


Our Technology Implementation Process

The adoption of new technology is a three stage process which comprises of the following:







Strategy Phase

The first step in a successful technology transition is a clearly defined strategy. Our Technology Strategy service is designed to drill into the current position of your business and extract the core contributors to inefficiency and operational issues.


Our strategy process is designed to take into consideration the future objectives of your business; looking into the practical applications of cloud software enabling your businesses with automation, mobility and systemised efficiencies.


The strategy phase is also used to review your current workflows, documentation and data that will need to be modified or considered during the data migration component of the project phase. Gaining early insight into these areas reduces the risk of unforeseen data or process compatibility issues which can impact on the progress of your project.


The key objective of the strategy is to match your business requirements to applicable software options. Combined with a defined implementation plan, this ensures the transition process is as seamless as possible.


Project Phase

The project phase is managed by one of our industry-focused Accounting Partners, backed up by the expertise of our Technology Strategists and corporate team.


Project execution is the technical work involved with any technology implementation. This differs with each client and is dependent on their internal resources as well as the degree of work required to facilitate the desired change within the business.


Our approach is to divide the project execution into small components of work with clearly defined outcomes. This approach ensures that your project is continuously moving and provides management with consistent tangible results.

Our Process


This component-based approach lays the foundation for a flexible project that can adapt easily to inevitable changes and challenges that occur during a project. Ultimately this means that staff see positive change in a shorter period of time and management get a faster return on their investment.


Advisory Phase

Upon the successful execution of the project, your Accodex Partner moves into an advisory role. Depending on your needs, this involves monthly or quarterly meetings where we will review the performance of the technology that has been implemented.


Using system data and user feedback your Accodex Partner will advise the management team on initiatives or system refinements that can be made to improve the user experience and the performance of the solution.


This advisory role often includes management of business-specific support cases and additional training for new staff.

Blown Away by Technology?

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