Online ordering made easy for your Café, Bar or Restaurant

Mobi2Go takes that hard work out of setting up online ordering and integrates with your existing POS solution.


Ordering on the Go

Need to make a quick order from your favorite Restaurant?


Mobi2Go gives your customers the flexibility to order from any mobile device. Whether from home or while on the move, Mobi2Go ensures that you and your business are always ready to serve your customers.

Mobi2Go allows your customers, the ability to order from your business through your website or mobile device.

Web & Online Ordering

Mobi2Go is both iOS and Android compatible; no matter what device your customers are using, Mobi2Go is there to help you reach them.

iOS & Android Apps

Mobi2Go allows your customers to order from your business straight from your Facebook page.

Facebook Ordering

Define customer delivery zones with shapes or add distance limitations with Mobi2Go’s mapping tool.

Delivery Mapping

Keeping Your Customers Happy

Take complete control over your customer’s experience.


The moment they land on your website, to the moment they have complete their purchase, ensure that your brand resonates throughout the entire process.

Mobi2Go integrates with a wide range of popular POS solutions. Click to find out more.

POS Integration

Mobi2Go’s look and feel is customizable to suite your business and your brand; ensuring that your customers will always remember your brand.

Fully Customizable

No website? No Problem. Mobi2Go’s One-Pager gets you set-up with arrange of customizable themes.


Why pay for an expensive bespoke solution? Mobi2Go is a customizable platform that fits with your brand and business's vision.

White Labelled

Payment Solutions

Need to get paid?


Mobi2Go is integrated with an all-in-one payment gateway solution. Compatible with nearly all world leading merchant gateways as a content management system that lets you manage your products, prices and customer loyalty.

Connecting with the world’s leading vendors, Mobi2Go lets you use your preferred Payment Gateway of your choice. Click to find out more.

Payment Integration

Mobi2Go’s flexible discount engine lets you create custom promotions and generate voucher codes.

Discount Engine

Mobi2Go is a reliable and secure platform that ensures the safety of your business and your customers.

Fast, Secure Payments

Mobi2Go Payments is a native payment gateway that offers competitive pricing for your business.

Mobi2Go Payments

Back-office Solutions

Taking care of business, so you can stress less.


Mobi2Go boasts a variety of features ranging from analytics, dashboarding to a plethora of cloud software including Accodex Certified apps such as Vend and Kounta.

No matter what plan you are on, Mobi2Go does not limit the number of orders your business receives.

Unlimited Orders

Mobi2Go has a range of customer and order data available to export from your Dashboard.


Get support for your business when you need it from Mobi2Go’s Customer Success team.

Email Support

Mobi2Go has a range of add-ons available suited for how your business works. Click to see the full list.


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