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Kounta’s sales screen is fully customizable, so you can organise it any way you like. Organize items by category, or alphabetically if that’s what you’re into. Easily navigate through product variants and modifiers, and add customers and discounts.


Table layouts

Your tables will dynamically change colours telling you and your staff if a table requires attention, has just requested the bill, has just arrived and more.


Multi-site management

Whether it be from a single store or multiple locations, Kounta gives you total control over all your stores and outlets under one profile. That way, no matter where you’re selling, you can ensure that customer experience is standardized.


Payment flexibility

Keep your lines moving as Kounta guides you through the checkout process. Taking payments, whether cash or credit card, split or single payments; stop wasting your time worrying about how to get paid with Kounta.

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Unleashed Inventory

Kounta connects with Unleashed Inventory, a powerful cloud-based inventory management system that keeps you on top of your stock room wherever you may be.


Take your stores everywhere

Manage your store remotely, with access to real-time sales data, reports, staff management, and inventory. Or, if you own a food truck or mobile business, Kounta gives you the flexibility to take your store with you, wherever you go.


Social marketing

Build and manage your customer lists, track the complete purchase history of ay customer and send targeted offers. Use customer email addresses with services like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor to say in touch with your customers or run promotions.


Kounta insights

Get instant snapshots of what’s going on in any one of your stores, or see all stores aggregated into a single report. Real-time views of your sales history, customers, and popular products, accessible anytime and from anywhere.

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