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Why Now?

You’ve probably already noticed the perfect storm of factors in the profession that are going to result in the mass disruption of the accounting industry. We’re calling it the “accountapocalypse”, or the freelancer revolution of the accounting industry.

Now is the perfect time to start an accounting business.

Has democratized business information by: Reducing barriers to entry Improving efficiency


Skilled labor ant a fraction of the cost, which has: Put pressure on fees Translated to dramatic cost savings


Expect more from their accountants, requiring: Dynamic management analytics More face time with partners


Are not happy with the profession, thus: Are leaving the industry earlier More demanding with work-life balance


Partners are getting older so are their clients: However, there are no succession plans And, practice and fee valuations are failing

Ageing Practices

The entire theory of accounting is evolving: There is more focus on sustainability accounting And, quantification of all business data

Framework Shifts

Instead of ignoring or fighting these trends; Accodex embraced them. In doing so we became the accounting firm of the future, today.

The Challenges Facing Sole Practictioners

At Accodex, we assist our partners in reaching profitability faster by working together to avoid the expensive and time-consuming setup process through the utilisation of a proven lean-cost structure.


Staff Recruitment and Training are among the most important components in running a successful business; with Accodex’s HR solutions, we will help facilitate you in a successful recruitment and staff education.

Staff Recruitment

At Accodex we implement cutting edge workflow management solutions that will assist you, as our partners, in managing your client projects and the team responsible for those important accounts.

Workflow Management

Our business model empowers our partners to provide their clients with a range of comprehensive service offerings; granting them the opportunity to up-sell, extend and consistently improve upon their services without exhausting too many resources.


At Accodex we have a proven client acquisition process that enables our partners to successfully convert new clients with minimal effort. We also have an expert team dedicated to managing client expectations and engagement.

New Clients

At Accodex we have spent three years refining our pricing model to achieve an equilibrium with negligible fee resistance whilst maintaining enough revenue to produce a health profit.

Client Fee Resistance

Accodex’s knowledge management system, as well as our network of partners and resources, will ensure that your business is not dependent on a single person.

Key Person Dependence

At Accodex our personally selected tier of software keeps track and documents every datum of information, increasing your business efficiency by over 50%.

Efficiency of Processes

Practitioners in businesses for themselves are tied down with unproductive practice administration. Accodex’s systems assist them in completing billable work done whilst raising new business prospects.


Accodex’s engagement management solution will enable a practitioner to become ‘cashflow positive’ within their first month. No more WIP and Debtor days waiting to get paid.


How We Can Help

Accodex has been purposely built to revolutionize our business when it comes to:

Accodex has best a practice quality assurance framework already in place to ensure all our partners are compliant. This means you do not have to worry about the admin.

Quality Assurance

Accodex handles the website, collateral, social media, branding, advertising and PR on behalf of our partners as well as assisting with personal branding to help you stand out.


Accodex will provide training in client servicing, sales, communication, presentation skills to assist you in becoming a leader in the accounting industry.


Let’s face it. Accountants always leave their financials till last. At Accodex we have a central finance team that helps you stay on top of your books.


At Accodex we pride ourselves in our implementation and utilisation of the best accounting technology for practice management. We do the research, development and implementation so you don’t have to.


Accodex will take care of recruitment, training, performance management and engagement, so you can hire and get the most out of your team.

Human Resources

What This Will Mean for You

The benefit of becoming an Accodex Partner

Not only will you save time on setup, you will save time on daily administrative tasks that do not make you any money.

Save Time

Our solution is lean, low start-up costs and efficient. This translates to a higher return on effort, with predictable monthly cashflow.

Make Money

Instead of wasting time on practice management, you can spend more time with clients, doing what you love and adding real value to their business.

Adding More Value

Our technology enables you to work from literally anywhere in the world; whether it be from the comfort of your own home, from a co-working space or even while you are on your vacation.

Work from Anywhere

What’s a lifestyle accountant? Simply put, it is to be an Accodex partner. You can work 3 days a week with a nice lifestyle business, or work 7 days a week and build your accounting empire.

Having a Life

Accodex is a community of like-minded accountants, and we want everyone to be successful. Our networks will provide you with assistance when it comes technical queries, mentoring and personal development.

Getting Support

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