The decision to go out on your own and start a business can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. We get it. All of us at Accodex have started our own businesses. So why do it alone?


You want the upside of starting your own practice: freedom, autonomy, the ability to choose your clients whilst limiting the downside: the isolation, lack of infrastructure, high startup costs. Is it possible to marry the benefits of a sole practice with the benefits of a large firm? We believe so.


You’ve probably already noticed the perfect storm of factors in the profession that are going to result in the mass disruption of the accounting industry. We’re calling it the “accountapocalypse”, or the freelancer revolution of the accounting industry.


Instead of ignoring or fighting these trends; Accodex embraced them. In doing so we became the accounting firm of the future, today.



Cloud software has begun to democratize business intelligence with its relatively low cost compared to legacy systems of the past. It has reduced barriers to entry and increased efficiency.



Offshoring has allowed accountants to hire skilled labour at a fraction of the cost which has translated to dramatic cost savings.



Clients now expect more from their accountants. They want better analytics and insights into their business and more face time.



Millennial accountants are not content to follow the career paths of their parents. They want work-life balance and the freedom to choose their clients.


Ageing Practices

Accountants on average are getting older however very few have succession plans while practice and fee valuations are falling.


Framework Shifts

Accounting is evolving. Accountants don’t just count numbers any more, they are expected to quantify all business data.

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Starting a business is hard work and you’ll face long hours, any entrepreneur will tell you that. There are many barriers to entry and mistakes to be made. What if you could build on the experience of those that have done it before you? We’ve built the infrastructure and addressed the unique challenges of starting an accounting practice.



At Accodex, we assist our partners in reaching profitability faster by working together to avoid the expensive and time-consuming setup process through the utilisation of a proven lean-cost structure.


Staff Recruitment

Staff recruitment and training are among the most important components of running a successful business. Accodex will facilitate the recruitment of offshore employees and manages their education and onboarding.


Workflow Management

As your practice grows, it becomes increasingly important to efficiently manage your workflow. No more ‘In/Out’ trays. Our state-of-the-art workflow management tool will streamline your business and allow you to collaborate with your team.



Our business model aligns our incentives with yours; as you grow, we grow. We empower our Partners to offer a wide range of service offerings and help you to upsell, cross-sell and solicit referrals.


New Clients

Get access to our proven client acquisition process that will enable you to successfully convert your leads into clients. Build the type of client base that you want and work with individuals and business owners who align with your experience and style.


Client Fee Resistance

One of the biggest challenges in starting your own accounting shop is pushback from clients on your price. As an Accodex Partner, you’ll have a brand behind you as well as access to our proven pricing model to help you set your own prices.


Key-Person Dependence

Thanks to our knowledge management system, our network of Partners and offshoring resources, you can take a break knowing your business is not reliant on a single person.


Efficiency of Process

Our curated software stack allows you to operate at maximum efficiency so that you have more time to sell your services, advise your clients or spend some quality time with your loved ones.



Sole practitioner accountants have to spend time servicing their clients, selling and also administering their practice (not to mention sourcing new software, writing policies, innovating, etc.) Let us handle the practice admin so you can focus on what matters.



Our billing system enables you to become cashflow positive as soon as possible – some Partners within their first month. No more huge WIP and high debtor days while you wait to get paid.

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We’ve disaggregated the sales and fulfilment from everything else. You close sales and do the accounting and we’ll handle everything behind the scenes. In fact, we’ll take care of more than just infrastructure. You’ll be part of a network, so any improvements that one of our Partners make can be distilled and propagated throughout the network.



You are starting your own business but you don’t have to do it alone. We offer tailored support to each and every partner not to mention the network of other Partners that you can rely on.



We handle the website, collateral, social media, branding, advertising and PR on your behalf as well as assisting you in building your personal brand so you stand out from the crowd.



We’ll teach you everything you didn’t learn at University: how to sell, creating an effective brand, how to properly service your clients, setting goals and so much more. Become a thought leader in your chosen niche.



Let’s face it, accountants always leave their own books until last. They spend time doing tax returns and need to hire an admin assistant to chase up debtors. Accodex’s finance team will handle that for you.



Get access to powerful sales and practice management software that a sole practitioner simply couldn’t afford on their own. We utilise the buying power of the network to give you an incredible software stack. We do the research, you reap the benefits.


Human Resources

Business going well? Need some help to handle the workload? Accodex will take care of recruitment, training, performance management and engagement so you can hire and get the most out of your growing team.

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Live your life on your own terms; climbing a corporate ladder isn’t for everyone. Whether you want to build an empire or are just passionate about helping small businesses, joining Accodex is the first step in your journey. Get the lifestyle of a sole practitioner with the resources of a large firm. You can have it all.


Save Time

Not only will you save time on setup, you will save time on daily administrative tasks that do not make you any money.


Make Money

Our revenue model aligns our incentives with yours so you can start making money straight away. This translates to low startup costs, a higher return on effort and predictable monthly cashflow.


Adding More Value

Instead of wasting time on practice management, you can spend more time with clients, doing what you love and adding real value to their business.


Work from Anywhere

Our technology enables you to work from literally anywhere in the world; whether it be from the comfort of your own home, from a co-working space or even while you are on your vacation.


Having a Life

What’s a lifestyle accountant? Simply put, it is to be an Accodex partner. You can work 3 days a week with a nice lifestyle business, or work 7 days a week and build your accounting empire.


Getting Support

Accodex is a community of like-minded accountants just like you. We manage the network, support you in any way we can and cheer your successes but ultimately, our secret weapon is… you.

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