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Build a TV dashboard in minutes using a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes setup and visualization changes so simple anyone can do it.

Dashboard Analytics

Quickly & easily visualize your business’ growth.

Use Dashboard Analytics to display all your businesses most important Key Performance Indicators, Productivity and even Financial and Marketing Performance using Geckoboard’s beautiful User Interface.

No distractions. No unnecessary complexity. No room for misinterpretation. Geckoboard’s visualizations are designed with one thing in mind: to make your most important metrics clear and easy-to-understand.

Smarter Decison-Making

View your dashboards no matter where you are. Always have your metrics follow you wherever you go so you will never miss out!

Mobile App

Pull Live metrics from popular business tools into Geckoboard without any technical know-how.

60+ Pre-Build Integrations

Trying to quantify the value of your busienss’ marketing efforts?

Use Geckoboard to visualise important marketing metrics, KPIs, and examples to track and improve your marketing strategy. Discover how to create real-time, visually stunning dashboards for the most common marketing KPIs and metrics.

Stop trying to manage your business’ marketing in the dark.

Marketing Metrics

Marketing ROI shows the viability of marketing and how marketing contributes to a company’s bottom line.

Marketing ROI

Measure, track and visualize your web traffic growth to see how many visitors are accessing your website in real-time.

Web Traffic

Connect all your business’ social accounts and track how well your business’ social brand is performing. Measure simple metrics such as follows, shares, tweets, likes and any other form of engagement.

Social Marketing Dasboard

Stop trying to guess your company’s performance. Let Geckoboard simplify your decision-making process by generating stunning dashboards to answer your question.

Performance Visualization

Does everyone within your business understand its Objectives or Key Results?

Improve team performance and cohesion by having Key Performance Indicators readily available; ensuring that your team will always know what everyone else is doing and what else needs to be done.

Measure how long it takes your business to close a sale; from the initial pitch to the signed contract, is your business taking too long to convert leads.

Sales Conversions

How is your company performing financially? What does your cashflow look like. Geckoboard’s allows you to view these details in real-time with stunning graphs and charts.

Financial Analytics

Monitor how much cash your company is currently spending. Is this more than expected? Is the rate too high? How much longer can the business sustain these expenses?

Burn Rate

Want to ‘WOWyour customers?

How are you servicing your customers after purchase? Are they happy with your product/service support? Geckoboard’s Customer Service dashboards lets you understand how your customers think your business and its brand based on your level of support and service.

Use Geckoboard’s Customer Support Metrics, KPIs and examples to track and improve their experience.

Customer Servicing

Measure and monitor your customer's satisfaction levels based on common industry metrics or even your own. Your customer satisfaction dashboard is a more efficient way of gauging your customer's general fulfillment when using your product or service.

Customer Satisfaction

A loyalty metric used to measure how likely that a particular customer would recommend your product/service to a friend based on their satisfaction levels.

Net Promoter Score

What is your current backlog of support ticket? Are you adequately managing the inflow of support requests? How long does it take for you to respond to an average ticket?

Support Tickets

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