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It’s not easy to switch off when you’re worrying about cashflow or hitting your KPIs. Futrli's powerful alerts will keep you instantly informed of things to celebrate or risks to avoid.

Intelligent Alerts

Business Monitoring While You Sleep

Is Gross Profit % increasing? What’s your current average fee? Is tax, as a % of overheads, decreasing? Put your business on auto-pilot with email and in-app monitoring.

You have enough to remember. Ease the pressure and start running your business on auto-pilot with Alerts.

Automated Alerts

Want to monitor Wages to Sales? You can. Tax as a percentage of overheads? You can! Your own crazy, bespoke formula, tailored just for you? You can do that too.

Formula and KPI Alerts

It's a 360º picture of your business today and tomorrow. High Sales incoming? Gross Profit % decreasing? Find out as or before it happens with Current and Predictive Alerts.

Current & Predictive Alerts

Forecast a Brighter Tomorrow

Auto-updating, completing unlimited budgets for any time period. Review your actual performance versus targets, compare outcomes and track your assumptions.

Action a better future for your business with advanced Cashflow Forecasting that puts you in control.

Cashflow Forecasting

Want to tie Sales profitability to Staff numbers? You can. Link account lines, set growth rates and freely enter figures? Or even create complicated manual calculations? You can do all that and more.

Flexible Forecasting Methods

Upload your existing budgets or scenarios into FUTRLI and see the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow implications of that extra expenditure on stationary.

Import Existing Budgets

Year One, fancy chairs for the office, Year Ten, a branch on the moon. Plot your galactic domination from start-up to graduation with unlimited one to ten year forecasts.

Ten-Year Forecasts

See all the information that matters to your group or franchise with powerful Consolidation, Reporting & Forecasting in the cloud.

Consolidated Reporting

Consolidate all your reporting in one place

Consolidate across multiple packages, benchmark performance, monitor KPIs and work together with your team as one business – leave the heavy lifting to Futrli.

Consolidate Xero or QuickBooks Organisations together, or import data from any source via CSV and combine it together to create your Group Overview.


Report on all the data that matters to your business in one place. Import non-financial data from any source and report on it alongside your financial data on a Dashboard.

Wholistic Reporting

Forecast performance for the entire group or for each individual entity all in one place. Explore different scenarios for branches to go down and map the impact on Cash Flow.

Group Forecasting & Cashflow

Plan the path to your successstop making decisions in the dark.

Explore every avenue your business might travel and ensure you’re on the right path with advanced, quick and easy scenario planning in the cloud.

Explore every avenue your business might travel, with advanced Scenario Planning in the cloud.

Scenario Planning

Create a base scenario and then explore variations by linking multiple scenarios together and exploring what-if permutations. Never be surprised again!

Explore What-Ifs

Forget complicated admin and spreadsheet calculations. With automated Sales Tax, Debtors, Creditors and Cash Flow movements, Futrli will do all the hard work for you so you can concentrate on what matters.

Automated Tax & Cashflow

With integrated Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow forecasting, you can see the full impact on your business of any small change as you build out scenarios.

3-Way Forecasting

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