Fedja Zulfic
Product & Experience
LLB, BCom(IntBus)
A part-time chess prodigy, Fedja Zulfic has always displayed an inclination toward roles and responsibilities that demand a high-level of strategic proficiency.


Like many others in our Corporate team, Fedja is a well-versed veteran within the local start-up community. Prior to joining Accodex, he cofounded and led product development at Icons Alliance, a market network for freelance consultants. He also ran a number of side projects to help grow the chess community, including cofounding chess e-magazine 50 Moves and organising the Australian Young Masters chess tournament for five years.


As the head of product at Accodex, Fedja is now applying his skills to design a seamless experience for our valued community of partners and clients.


  • Accodex Partners – Chief Product Officer. Technology Associate
  • Australian Young Masters Chess Tournament – Chief Organizer
  • Icons Alliance – Co-founder
  • 50 Moves Magazine – Co-founder and Editor
  • Belperio Clark Lawyers – Law Clerk
  • Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources – Legal Intern


  • The Australian National University – Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
  • University of Adelaide – Bachelor of Laws (Hons), Bachelor of Commerce (International Business)
  • Utrecht University – Exchange Program: 4th Year Law/Commerce

Fedja’s Skill Tree

Level 80 Code Talker

As the third member of the Pretengineering Team, Fedja is well adept at handling complex problems under extreme pressure. When activated all of Fedja’s actions skills no longer require a cooldown period. When this skill is activated, Fedja may use 2 Action Skills at any time. Duration: 179 seconds Cooldown: After Two Successful Kill Shots D.D Survivor Bonus: +73% damage F’n’F Bonus: +63% Recovery Boost Checkmate Bonus: +57% Duration Boost Fedja Paradox Bonus: +39% Duration

Are you for Tabs or Spaces?

Because there is a correct answer.

In his darkest hours, Fedja summons all of his remaining energy to assume his Ultimate Dark Dimension form. Duration: 78 Seconds Cooldown: 105 seconds Attack Bonus: +70% Defence Bonus: +58% Dark Elemental Bonus: Regeneration Rate: 10% per 5 seconds

Dark Dimension

Cruel, Cruel, Cruel

When activated, Fedja serves each of his team members with a 30ml Shot of Tanqueray No. 10; granting them with team buffs and HP recovery bonuses. Duration: 162 Seconds Cooldown: When HP Reaches less than 33% Team HP Recovery: +48% Regeneration Rate: +18% per 5 seconds Team Attack Bonus: +148% Team Defence Bonus: +125%


Tanqueray No. 10

Fedja scans the battlefield, identifying his enemy’s weaknesses. When activated while Code Talker is active, Fedja’s enemies deepest, darkest secrets are exposed, granting with a critical hit bonus and duration bonus: Duration: 77 Seconds Cooldown: 295 Seconds Critical Bonus: +376%


This Dark Knight Rises….

Only accessible when Fedja has reached critical health. Once activated Fedja gains no experience points, gold, loses his attack and can no longer use firearms. In return, Fedja gains the ability to One-Hit-Kill his enemies using only melee attacks. Every enemy that succumbs to this devastation has a chance of dropping Legendary Rarity Items. Duration: 91 seconds Cooldown: 203 seconds Attack Bonus: -1000% Experience: 0% Gold: 0% Rare Drop Rate: 997.0%

Fedja Paradox

*defeated sigh*

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