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The Export Market Development Grants scheme is a Federal Australian Government program aimed at financially assisting small to medium-sized Australian businesses and their exporting activities.

In the past decade, at least 1,300 EMDG applications have been approved by the government wherein $68 million of financial assistance was provided for qualified businesses conducting eligible activities.

What are the Benefits?

The EMDG application is open to all Small to Medium-Sized Australian businesses that have conducted eligible exporting activities for the year. The benefits from this scheme include:

Up to 50% Reimbursements for Exporting Activities.


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50% Reimbursements

8 grants may be claimed per elegible applicant


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Up to 8 Claims

Remember that all EMDG application periods are open from 1 July to 30 November.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Broadly speaking only Australian registered companies are eligible to claim reimbursements from an Export Market Development Grant. That being said, eligibility can be separated under the following definitions:

Eligible Entities

To be considered an eligible business you must satisfy the following requirements:

Income less than $50 Million

$50 Million

Incurred at least $15,000 of eligible expenses.


Currently the Principal Status for the export business.


Eligible Activities

In order to claim a reimbursement for an EMDG expenditure, the eligible business must also have conducted one of the following activities:

Expensees involved with conferences and events held in Australia.

Events & Conferences

Activities related to the promotion of inbound tourism.

Tourism Activities

The export of most goods, services & intellectual property.

Export Activities

Eligible Products

To determine if the expenses of the product or service that you are claiming are eligible, it must fulfil one of the following:

A good may be considered eligible if it was produced in Australia.

Made in Australia

A service that contributes to the tourism industry (including but restricted to accommodation, passenger transport or tours).

Tourism Service

All services except those specified as ineligible according to the EMDG requirements.

Eligible Service

Did you know that over the past 10 years the Australian Government has distributed over $68 million for over 1,300 applications?


Why use Accodex for EMDGs?

Our EMDG advisory service is aimed at providing all Australian business owners with all the resources and expert guidance you will need in order to claim your eligible expenditure reimbursements.


Our desire with the following EMDG services is to simplify your application process; ensuring any assistance we provide in preparation for the determination of eligibility.

  1. Initial Assessment.
  2. Review of Operations.
  3. Time Period & Costing Determination.

Eligibility Assessment

  1. Consolidation of Important Documents.
  2. Assessment of Record Keeping.
  3. Eligibility Confirmation.

Technical Scoping

  1. All Documents Finalised.
  2. All Documents Meeting Standards.
  3. Lodgement of Application.

Document Substantiation

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Meet our EMDG Experts


Amy Hancock

Research & Development Advisory Partner

Also a part of our R&D Tax Advisory team, Amy Hancock is among one of our best when it comes to applications, incentives and grants. Her role as one of our EMDG specialists is aimed at helping our clients navigate the application process and more importantly, helping them identify any and all their eligible activities and expenses.


Patrick Graham

Accounting Advisory Partner

Another R&D Advisory expert and Chartered Accountant whose career included the Auditor General’s Department, McGrath Nicol and The University of South Australia. Patrick’s exceptional experience in Controls Audit, Corporate Recovery and Management Accounting has provided him with a keen insight in recognizing areas of sustainable business investment and growth.

Is your business eligible for the EMDG scheme?

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