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Growing up from humble beginnings, Dearly was raised in a large family residing within Philippines Capital city, Manila. Despite her modest upbringing, Dearly was always one to dream big; to desire more but most importantly to earn what she has always wanted. This sparked her desire to build a dream of her own, prompting her to enrol herself within the Polytechnic University of Philippines; where she would eventually graduate with a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Major in Marketing.


A degree under her belt, Dearly set out to find her first job as a graduate. The next 18 months of her life, Dearly would work as a bank teller for the Bank of the Philippine Island; although not within a role that would properly leverage her talents, her experience with thousands of customers daily gave her an appreciation for the patience required in dealing with clientele.


Following her time as a Bank Teller, Dearly was recruited by Accenture for the role of benefit analysts within their health insurance function. The time that Dearly had spent with Accenture had afforded her a level of experience within a sector she would not have otherwise associated.


Believing that it was time she had taken a different path, Dearly ended her two year employment with Accenture to work as a Customer Service Representative for 3 more firms before catching her big break. By April 2013, Dearly had been appointed as an Inbound Sales Representative followed by an Ad Consultant for Teletech; this was the first time since graduation that she was able to freely apply her marketing expertise.


Currently on-board as the Social Media Manager for Accodex Partners, Dearly works very closely with the Marketing team, managing the company’s Brand & Image across all of our social channels.




  • Accodex Partners – Social Media Marketing Manager


  • TeletechComplaints Officer/ Ad Consultant


  • Acquire Asia PacificCustomer Service Representative


  • SITEL Phils Corp – Customer Service Representative


  • Aegis People Support – Finance Advisor/ Customer Service Representative


  • Accenture – Benefits Analyst/ Claims Processor


  • Bank of the Philippine IslandsBank Teller



  • Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Bachelor in Business Administration Major in Marketing


  • Civil Service Examination PasserProfessional & Sub-Professional

“Faith is about believing even when you can’t see it.”

Joel Osteen.

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