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Having moved to Australia at a very young age, Tam was brought up and spent most of his life in Adelaide. A powerhouse where creativity and chaos collide; describing himself as eclectic and transcendent. He prides himself on being a non-traditional individual – and the truth is, you probably won’t meet many people like him.


Tam was brought up in a household whereby education was highly regarded and critical thinking encouraged. His grandmother, who he considers his biggest role model, used to say that “education is not the answer to everything, but the foundation to it.” She’s never failed to challenge him both intellectually and emotionally; constantly pushing him towards enhancing his curiosity and ability to think quickly. Their relationship led to Tam becoming passionate about the attainment and application of knowledge, always looking to learn more and more.


Tam’s journey in Marketing was rather a windy one. Growing up, he never had a dream profession. His eclecticism and curiosity led him to be interested in many things at once, not being able to make up his mind. In fact, he averted making that decision, as he was scared of that choice defining him and confining his potential. Nevertheless, after finishing high school he went straight into university, trying out a couple of different courses before enrolling in a Commerce Degree at the University of Adelaide. That degree allowed him the flexibility of picking different career pathways, but he was still not certain of what direction he was going to take with it.


It was when he took his first Marketing subject that Tam realised he’d found what he wanted to do. Marketing, allowed him to explore the nuances of his personality and use his full potential by combining creativity and functionality. It gave him the opportunity to balance what he believes to be the three main components of Marketing: Creative, Research and Communications, teaching him skills that are transferable across several industries. Today, his fascination for Marketing is undeniable.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and International Business, Tam decided he needed some time off before sinking himself into a stable job. He decided to take a gap year and move to Port Lincoln, away from the city, and help his best friends open a cafe and wine bar, Rogue & Rascal. Although possessing all the theoretical knowledge of how to open a business, the real task brought unexpected challenges. They built the cafe from scratch, from doing the fit out with their own hands to figuring out suppliers and systems implementation. After eight months working on that project and having learned a great deal from it, it was time for Tam to come return.


When he moved back to Adelaide, Tam was approached by Clear Business Dynamics a cloud technology firm, where he was offered the position of Marketing Manager. The main projects he worked on at the firm included a complete rebranding and developing the company’s website.  It was also at Clear Business Dynamics that Tam met Patrick DeRuvo, our Chief Technology Officer, and Tam’s eternal soulmate. At the end of that year, Clear Business Dynamics was acquired by Accodex Partners, and both Tam and Patrick were part of the package.


At Accodex Partners, Tam’s initial role was to build the company’s entire marketing function, taking in consideration that the company would grow immensely in the next few years. He is currently in charge of taking care of both Accodex’s brand and our Partners’ personal brands, creating content, developing strategies, social media campaigns and website development. His current goal is to continue improving the company’s marketing function, helping the company and parties involved with it to grow and develop themselves.




  • Accodex PartnersMarketing Manager


  • Clear Business DynamicsMarketing Manager


  • The Rogue & Rascal – Project Manager, Barista


  • Accodex PartnersMarketing Intern



  • University of AdelaideBachelor of Commerce (Marketing)


  • University of Adelaide – Bachelor of Commerce (International Business

“One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.”

Nikola Tesla.

Written by Tam

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