BSc (Accounting)

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Meet, Mike Sangalang, a member of our Manila Team currently working alongside The Real Thiel’s very own, Lauren Thiel.


Always aspiring to become a successful businessman just like his father, Mike graduated from the University of Batangas with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting around 2018. His first steps into the industry began with his internship for Rockwell Collins. Once completed, Mike then moved on to work as a bookkeeper for his family business, Limars Hardware and Construction Supply, for the next 12 months. Realizing that he was quickly outgrowing his role and wanting to move away from his parents’ shadow, Mike’s journey took him to MS Tire & Service Centre.


During his time there, Mike undertook the role of Accounting Analyst. This provided him with an abundance of opportunity and experience in managing and tracking the daily operations of a full-fledged business. Roles ranging from monitoring expenses, reconciling transactions, to daily and monthly sales reports allowed Mike to truly undertake the responsibilities of an accountant.


Still, wanting more from his position, Mike moved on 7 months later to begin the next part of his journey. Now a Member of Accodex’s Manila team through the introduction of Frontline Accounting Philippines, Mike hopes to take everything that he has learnt to continue to hone his skills.


With the energy and personality able to keep up with Lauren, Mike intends to use his time to take in everything he can with the hopes of one day, earning the experience he needs to build his own firm to help other business owners grow.




  • Accodex PartnersAccountant


  • MS Tire and Service CenterAccounting Analyst


  • Limars Hardware and Construction SupplyBookkeeper


  • Collins AerospaceInternship



  • XeroXero Certified Advisor


  • University of BatangasBachelor of Sciende in Accountancy


  • University of BatangasDean’s List Awardee

“I don’t believe in boundaries and limits when it comes to my dreams.

There is always something beyond what I know and what I am capable of.”

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