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Growing up from humble beginnings, Dearly was raised in a large family residing within Philippines Capital city, Manila. Despite her modest upbringing, Dearly was always one to dream big and desire more. This sparked her wish to build a dream of her own, prompting her to enrol within the Polytechnic University of Philippines; where she would eventually graduate with a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Major in Marketing.


Now with a degree under her belt, Dearly set out to find her first job as a graduate. For the next 18 months, Dearly would work as a bank teller for the Bank of the Philippine Island; although it was not a role that properly leveraged her talents, the experience that she gained through dealing with thousands of customers daily gave her an appreciation for the patience required in a customer service role.


Following her time as a Bank Teller, Dearly was recruited by Accenture for the role of Benefits Analyst within their health insurance function.
Believing that it was time that she took a different path, Dearly ended her two-year employment with Accenture to work as a Customer Service Representative for 3 more firms before catching her big break. In April 2013, Dearly was appointed as an Inbound Sales Representative, then an Ad Consultant for Teletech. This would be the first time since graduating that she was able to freely apply her marketing expertise.


Currently on-board as the Social Media Manager for Accodex Partners, Dearly works very closely with the Marketing team in Australia, managing the company’s Brand & Image across all of our social channels.




  • Accodex Partners – Social Media Marketing Manager


  • TeletechComplaints Officer/ Ad Consultant


  • Acquire Asia PacificCustomer Service Representative


  • SITEL Phils Corp – Customer Service Representative


  • Aegis People Support – Finance Advisor/ Customer Service Representative


  • Accenture – Benefits Analyst/ Claims Processor


  • Bank of the Philippine IslandsBank Teller



  • Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Bachelor in Business Administration Major in Marketing


  • Civil Service Examination PasserProfessional & Sub-Professional

“Faith is about believing even when you can’t see it.”

Joel Osteen.

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