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Clare is a Certified Public Accountant based in San Diego, CA. She holds both an AA and BS in Accountancy as well as an MS in Taxation (all with honors). She is also a Certified Tax Coach.


Clare grew up in rural southeast New Mexico. She was the second of five children and has many fond memories of spending time with her siblings and caring for the three youngest.


As a child, Clare’s grandfather was a major role-model in her life, although he would only learn of this in his later years. After serving as a fighter pilot in WWII, he had made a conscious decision to live a positive life after the war. He did this by always remembering to laugh. He was a professional artist and made his living selling his paintings and sculptures. At one time, he had the opportunity to have some of his wood sculptures mass produced. He turned down the opportunity despite the financial incentives. He felt that if it was mass produced it would no longer be art. He never got rich, but he lived well and lived life on his terms. He inspired Clare to seek out an inspired life.



Prior to starting her accounting career, Clare worked many different jobs. Her first full time job at 16 was working at a pecan shop in New Mexico, cracking pecans. From there she worked in several different industries including, farming, factory assembly lines, restaurants, finance companies, and retail management.



Clare was able to land her first accounting job at a small CPA firm in downtown San Diego while still working on her Associate’s degree. This entry level role involved doing bookkeeping for the firm’s small business clients; effectively a crash course in real world accounting, further solidifying her understanding of the accounting process.



After about two years, Clare took on a new role working as a full charge bookkeeper at a mortgage brokerage firm in San Diego.



Three years later, while in the process of completing her Bachelor’s in Accountancy, Clare made the decision to return to public practice as well as attain her CPA with the aim of of becoming a tax professional.



Clare began to talk to several CPA firms, but ultimately took a position at a local CPA firm with a specialty in real estate taxation. It was in her first few years as a tax professional that she completed her Master’s degree in Taxation and obtained her CPA license. She would grow within this firm for the next 11 years developing her skills in real estate and small business taxation.



In October of 2013 Clare would welcome her first son. This was a momentous occasion for many reasons, but mostly because this was a dream that for many years did not seem possible. This was also a new beginning in her career, as she began to explore ways that she could be the mother she wanted to be, while still having a meaningful and profitable career.



It took several years of research and self discovery to make the decision, but by the time Clare’s second son had his first birthday, she made the leap and started working virtually. This was a small step, but it was life changing and set her on the path towards finding innovative ways to service clients well, while maintaining a true balance in her personal life.


At Accodex, Clare plans to offer tax planning, tax compliance, and accounting services with a focus on the real estate industry. She has extensive experience and interest in this area. She is also an aspiring real estate investor herself, so it is a perfect fit.



Clare plans to provide expert, VIP level services for real estate investors. The idea is to take on fewer clients, allowing for a higher level of services to be provided throughout the year to each client. Accodex provides the technology and the network of support that will allow Clare to focus more time on providing quality service to her clients.



Clare is a classically trained pianist and still plays, just for fun. During her free time, she spends time with her two young sons. “My sons are my greatest inspiration, both personally and professionally.”




  • Accodex Partners – Accounting Partner


  • San CPA – CPA


  • Zarvox, Inc – CPA


  • Leaf & Cole, LLP – Senior Tax Accountant, CPA


  • Calpacific Mortgage – Accounting Manager


  • Larry M. Katz & Associates – Bookkeeper



  • National University – Master of Science, Taxation


  • University California, San Diego – Certificate, Fundraising & Development


  • National University – Bachelor of Science, Accounting


  • San Diego Miramar College – Associates of Science, Accounting

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Written by Clare

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