Financial advice and its delivery to the client has evolved significantly in recent times. The introduction of interactive client driven programs through to technology-based automated robo-advice, clients now have significantly options. What hasn’t changed is the need for advice.


Finance can be an emotive topic. What is it you wish to utilize your wealth for? Purchase the dream home, send your children to private school, Leave a legacy, Philanthropy? How do you secure, maximise and protect your position personally and professionally in order to achieve this? If you want to build a house, call a builder.


“There is nothing more fulfilling than developing, nurturing client relationships and achieving success”


I love my profession. Personally, a recent event in my life reassured me I made the correct decision to follow my passion for financial advice. It invigorated my desire to engage my clients, educate the new and prepare the unprepared. 1-month shy of 2 years old, my first child was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. The effect was not limited to me but also my wife, my 2-month old son, family members and professional partners. We have been one of the lucky few families to achieve the desired results.



What I have learned during this process, personally, through affected individuals and families, in addition to people with an ‘it won’t happen to me’ approach is, that preparation and planning never eliminate such events, but they do minimise effect personally and professionally. I have also learned that this is why I have a passion for financial advice.


“The financial services industry has shifted, prompting the creation of Accodex Wealth”


Many people believe financial advice is limited to superannuation and insurance. Yes, these may be areas addressed, but Holistic Financial Advice is about building a road map to meet your lifetime goals. How can you take short-term opportunities? How can these opportunities be integrated into your financial position minimising risk? Are you prepared for an unplanned event in your life? In 2016, it was found that 63% of Gen X have not mapped out their financial future 1 , yet 37% of these people had held a dream of financial security 1 ? I wasn’t emotionally prepared, but financially I was able to minimize damage through planning. My security had been affected, but not eliminated.


The financial services industry has shifted, prompting the creation of Accodex Wealth. Working closely with your accountant, we will advise and guide you through these complex areas.


There is nothing more fulfilling than developing, nurturing client relationships and achieving success. What’s more important is taking a break, knowing you are prepared and on track should an event occur.



Written By: James Thomas

Director & Advisor

Accodex Wealth




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