Visualizing Success: A Key in Fitness and Business

I recently competed in the USPA National Powerlifting Championships in Las Vegas. It was my 8th powerlifting meet and I competed in the raw full power in women’s 56kg/123lb weight class. Powerlifting is the sport of lifting the most weight in the squat, bench, and deadlift relative to your bodyweight. I was able to finish off with a 231lb squat, 137lb bench, and 281lb deadlift. It’s not my highest total, but it’s enough to qualify myself for Worlds, which was the main goal of this meet. I love prepping for my meets, because I get to learn so much about myself as an individual, and as an athlete. One of the biggest lessons I took from the meet prep, is the importance of visualization.


“Regardless if it’s in fitness or business, I believe the first step on a journey begins through strong mental preparation.”


As a competitive athlete, visualization is a tool I use for meditation. It helps me mentally prepare my mind for difficult tasks. It’s very normal to experience nerves when you’re close to a meet. Whenever I encounter thoughts that mentally push me off the edge, I keep myself on track by visualizing success. As someone that takes pride in improving myself from both a physical standpoint, and a business standpoint, I have found this to be key in helping me accomplish my goals.

I visualize success in my training by laying out plans. Each training plan has a purpose and is organized by macrocycles (1 year), mesocycles (1 month), and microcycles (1 week). Together, these plans allow me to visualize the expected performance I will need to achieve in the gym. Whenever I come across a hard set in training, I visualize what I want the outcome to be. I’m more likely to get quality reps whenever I think that way. Before a workout, I visualize myself mobilizing, warming up, and lifting, while I am still on my drive to the gym. This is usually when I start getting pretty motivated to do my workout for the day! Even as far as 3 months before a meet, I visualize the mesocycles leading up to the competition and how they will feel like. This helps prepare my mind for the journey that lays ahead of me.

Just like in powerlifting, I practice visualizing success in business-related matters as well. I currently work as an independent contractor with a small accounting firm. With my tax and bookkeeping background, I construct plans based on my client’s needs. Through the plans I create, I visualize my efforts contributing to my client’s success for their business. Since most of my experience comes from bookkeeping, I take pride in accurate ledger accounting. As the accountant, it is my responsibility to manage the financial stresses of my clients. I have to visualize exactly how I want certain processes to be executed in order to do that. Whether it is helping them with a simple task, holding meetings with them to discuss their future plans, or advising them on best practices, I constantly practice visualizing each step of a process to ensure preparedness and efficiency.

Regardless if it’s in fitness or business, I believe the first step on a journey begins through strong mental preparation. You need to place scenarios in your head and lay out the foundation for a plan that you want to see executed. Of course, many things will change on the way however, the key to being prepared starts with a plan. Always be mentally prepared.


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Written By: Rachel Bitz

US Accounting Partner








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