Passionate and genuinely concerned about his clients’ well-being, Accodex Partners is honoured to welcome Tom Surman to our team of Accodexians!


Humble Beginnings

With nearly a decade of experience under his belt, Tom Surman is an accountant to be reckoned with.  Kick-starting his humble accounting career at LeCornu Lewis Hancock, an established Chartered Accounting firm in Adelaide, Tom fully realised his love of interacting with clients; finding it incredibly motivating to see that he can make a real difference in someone’s life. Because of this, and wanting to expand his area of expertise, Tom’s curiosity in investing was first piqued – leading him to become overcome by a desire to gain a complete understanding of market share trading. Spending any spare time he could find reading up on trading and share investment, Tom soon became a walking encyclopaedia of investing knowledge.


Tom Graduated at the University of Adelaide with Bachelors in Accounting.


Levelling Up

Armed with his recently acquired investment understanding and a thirst to jump straight into the financial game, after his contract with LeCornu ended Tom decided to pursue a role with financial advisory firm, Money Options, that permitted him to utilise his financial expertise. His 5 years’ worth of industry expertise didn’t go unnoticed, with Tom empowered to take on a dual role as a Chartered Accountant and Financial Planner.


Tom & Caitlin in San Francisco.


My Journey: Act II

One and a half years down the track, Tom had built himself a diverse client base through his exposure to the varying areas of taxation. Passionate about seeing his clients succeed and achieve their goals, it was at this stage that he decided to make a leap of faith and endeavour to becoming self-employed; journeying into an unknown path to create an accounting business from scratch. Wanting to provide his holistic financial advisory and taxation expertise to a wide selection of clients, Tom sought out Accodex to utilise our technology and infrastructure in order to scale his business and support his desire to become more flexible in his work schedule. His ideas and vision of the future of the accounting profession aligned with our own, Tom was the perfect fit to become our new Accounting Partner.

Now, beginning the next chapter of his career with us, Tom will be working closely with our clients in helping them build financially sustainable businesses through financial advisory and taxation. We wish him the best of luck for his future and look forward to working with him and seeing him succeed in any venture he wishes to pursue.


Tom begins his new chapter as an Accodex Partner.



By: Tom Surman
Accounting Partner



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