“To live is to learn, to learn is to live” – Hlovate.

These are the words that I embrace within my heart every single day. Not just as Chief Learning Officer but as a mother and a member of my team.

Small Beginnings

Growing up in the slums of Pasay City, Philippines while studying in one of the most prestigious schools in the CBD has opened  my eyes to the value of education at a very early age. My dad worked abroad to provide for my family and send me and my brother to the best school while mum juggled being a full-time college professor in Manila and taking care of their children. Since then, I knew I had to work really hard and persevere because my parents said that education is the only inheritance they could give us. And however expensive or challenging, we did everything to finish our degrees. Education for me was a privilege because not all Filipinos had that luxury.

Following from my previous blog – My Story: Lindsay Menguita, Accountant, Mother – where I shared my Australian dream, education has also been a tool for me to be able to bring my children to Australia. I was studying, sending money back home and working two jobs at the same time. It wasn’t an easy journey because I had to leave my children behind with the vision of giving them a better life here. In those gruelling times, education was my diversion, faith was my anchor. And though life was tough back then, it honed me and shaped me in becoming the person that I am now. I made friends, joined organisations, asked to be mentored, not just for school but in life. I got close to people whom I look up to, to motivate me to the life that I aspire to have when my children are finally in my arms again. Studying really hard when I was pursuing my Masters in Accounting has been pivotal in landing me this dream job, but I also realised that learning is not just solely acquired from a classroom, it’s also in the friendships you make, the books you read, the people you interact with and the environment you spend most of your time in. Learning happens when you nourish yourself with things that make you feel alive. And the beauty about learning is that you can always start at a blank template each day! There’s always something new to learn or to discover and before you know it, you’re becoming richer and richer in things that money can’t buy.


“Learning happens when you nourish yourself with things that make you feel alive.”


A Learning Journey

In this journey, I have experienced pursuing something I’m very passionate about, at one point I dreamed of becoming the best waitress in Sydney, so I studied Hospitality Management, and every day, I felt so alive learning about making coffee, how to better serve customers, leading a team, putting together events. I felt invincible. I find it rare to feel tired because I was pursuing my passion. However, after graduation, I had to make a decision to study once again and move to a different state to chase the unknown. There was no guarantee that I’ll get my permanent residency but then I still went for it. I guess when you’re resolved to achieve something, even though others may view it as impossible, you make a path through the wilderness. You learn, you fail, you try again and again and you succeed. But isn’t that what life is all about? Life is all about learning in the midst of failures and challenges and bumps along the way. And when you see life that way, it’s almost impossible to separate life with learning!

At Accodex, I am given the opportunity to better myself and others every day through learning. As it is our passion to be the most hi-tech Accounting Firm on the planet, there is also a pursuit to innovate, to dream, to do, to break things in order to fix them, to fail in order to succeed. I am constantly amazed and inspired at how everyone around me are just hungry to bring to life the undiscovered – like the best training technique in the world, or being at the forefront of technology in the Accounting sphere, so we can collectively make a difference in this world.

Today, I’m full-time Chief Learning Officer, mum to Sofia and Stefani, friend, team member, daughter, sister – roles that I have fully embraced. Roles that I will continuously strive to perfect because there’s still so much to learn about them. But as I look back, it makes me smile knowing that I started with nothing but now I’ve got so much more to give through the education that I have and the experiences that I’ve gone through. The inheritance Dad wanted me to have, I’m continuously investing to pass it on as a legacy to my girls and to the people I’ll hone and shape along the way.


“However, after graduation, I had to make a decision to study once again and move to a different state to chase the unknown.”




One Final Message

Now you ask, why I love learning? I love learning because it made me who I am now and it gives me the opportunity to be who I’d never thought I’d become. Learning allows you to be the better version of you every time you choose to open your heart to the possibilities of achieving the impossible. How do I know? Because the little girl who grew up in the slums of Pasay City, Philippines, is now living her dream in Adelaide, South Australia – all because I dared to learn.

Would you dare to dream the impossible? Would you dare achieve it through learning?


Lindsay Menguita
Chief Learning Officer



Written By: Lindsay Menguita



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