We would like to give a big Accodexian welcome to one of our new partners; Walter Fisterman!

Walter is a Chartered Accountant specialising in SMSF, SME and Real Estate clients; equipped with a Bachelor of Financial Administration from the University of New England and a specialty qualification in SMSF from the University of New South Wales. As a result of his ability to proficiently speak Romanian, many doors have opened up for him throughout his life; with his communication expertise as the grounds of his success. Walter is a loving husband to a wonderful wife, father to two beautiful children, a motor racing enthusiast and states that one of his greatest successes in life is learning to fly before he could drive.

Extremely passionate about his work, Walter has set out to revolutionise the industry through the implementation of ‘best-practice’ accounting structures. He believes in the potential and benefit of integrating technology into business; a shared vision that has lead him to become an Accodexian Partner.

Due to the accounting industry’s resistance in incorporating technology into everyday workings, Walter became frustrated with of the lack of efficiency which being exhibited; a direct result of the dependency placed on traditional methods to process accounting data. Realising this, he severed ties to his old firm and set out on his own; armed with the technology he knew which would assist him in providing a higher quality of service that Walter passionately believed his clients deserved.

Wanting to focus on succeeding in his new venture, Walter approached Accodex with the hopes of combining his resources with ours. This permitted him the freedom to focus solely on dealing with clients without the hassle of performing administrative duties. His partnership with Accodex in tow, Walter has managed to set himself apart from other accountants within the industry through the assimilation of technology into his services and the networks available at his fingertips.

In the future, Walter hopes to have built a thriving, successful and sustainable practice that he can be proud of through his association with Accodex.



For more information about Walter, or if you’re looking for someone to help you with SMSF, Taxation or Auditing; connect with Walter on Linked In today.


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