Baseball fan by Day; accountant by night

Here at Accodex, it is our privilege to introduce to you one of our newest accounting partners; Josh Gloede!

Josh is currently in his 7 year as an accountant; which is a testament to his dedication and enthusiasm towards the industry, especially at such a young age. Known to those around him to always be smiling, Josh is renowned by his clients to be someone who will always have a positive mindset and perform at his best for those that depend upon him.

A baseball enthusiast, Josh collects minor league baseball hats as a hobby, as well as playing all year round and being a member of two Baseball Clubs. He is much loved by his partner as well as the foster kittens he has rescued over the years. When asked about what his greatest success is in his life so far, Josh comments that it was his ability to save hard, purchase and then renovate his own home.


A baseball enthusiast, Josh collects minor league baseball hats as a hobby.


First steps as an Accountant

Josh started his accounting journey studying the Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) at Flinders University; having to leave his home in Alice Springs and venture out on his own in order to do this. After taking such a huge step and not wanting to waste any valuable time, Josh decided to immerse himself with real life experience while he was studying in order to get a head start on his peers and gain an invaluable insight into the accounting profession. In doing so, he secured an undergraduate accountant position with SP Accountants; a small accounting and advisory firm located in Adelaide.

Josh stayed with SP Accountants for 5 years, with his role developing and changing as time went on due to his hard work and dedication. After his work with SP Accountants, Josh moved on to work with Coleman and Bradman as a Tax Accountant for 6 months before becoming a Senior Accountant for Tactics. Extremely passionate about his work and now an official and accomplished Senior Accountant, Josh then took the leap and started his own personal practice on the side; aptly named JGloede Bookkeeping Services.


Josh then took the leap and started his own personal practice on the side.


A New Beginning

Shortly after this and with the belief that small practitioner firms had stunted his career progression due to their resistance to embrace change and streamline workflow processes, Josh made the move to come on board as an Accodex Accounting Partner. With a penchant for the Construction and Trades industry, Josh will be providing a suite of specialised tax and accounting services for our clients within this sector.

In the future, Josh hopes to have established himself as an industry leader in accounting services and have built a thriving, successful practice that he can be proud of.


Josh made the move to come on-bord as an Accodex Partner.




A Personal Message from Josh:

Running your own business, you will be burdened by countless stressful circumstances. Any of which will be required to adapt to overcome that particular problem. That being said, it is also a very empowering experience, there’s something very special about developing and growing your brand in your market. As an accountant, I have always been passionate about supporting my clients as they embark on their journey as a business owner. To me, there is nothing more fulfilling than being a part of someone’s dream and working with them to achieve it.


Josh Gloede
Accounting Partner


By: Joshua Gloede



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