Client Spotlight: Balancing Career and Fitness Goals With Natasha Singh


If you think having a professional job while balancing the gym 4-5 times per week sounds impossible, you haven’t heard about Natasha Singh. She works as a Risk Analyst in Silicon Valley at a startup company. Despite having a very busy professional career, she put 7 months of effort and dedication to prepare for her first powerlifting meet, while dropping 17lbs. Balancing your career goals along with fitness goals may come across as a near-impossible task; however, it can be achieved by having a consistent schedule that allows for flexibility, a diet plan that fits your lifestyle, and setting up a big picture goal that allows you to have something to work towards.

Natasha was consistent with her training while balancing a busy work schedule. She made it to the gym 4-5 times per week for intense and heavy training sessions. Her consistency was built upon two major factors; communication, and a positive attitude. She frequently communicated with her coaches to adjust her training days in the week based off her work schedule and other life events. On top of that, there were days where she would come to the gym after working long hours, but she always brought a positive attitude.

In the world of strength training, there is often a belief that you cannot gain strength while losing weight. Despite this, losing 17 lbs while getting stronger is exactly what Natasha did. For 7 months, she tracked her prescribed calories and macros (carbs, fats, and protein), while fitting in food choices that she enjoys eating. Again, communication was a big factor. She frequently spoke with her coaches to adjust her nutrition whenever she would have work lunches or networking dinners.

The big picture goal for Natasha was to compete in her first powerlifting meet. She had an interest in lifting since college and the thought of competing followed her all the way to the professional world. Making the decision to compete pushed her out of her comfort zone, and gave her something to focus on whenever she stepped into the gym. Whether it’s struggling to fight out from the bottom of a squat, or staying later in the office to get time-sensitive work done; Natasha’s focus on her big picture goal allowed her to always push forward.

“Natasha was consistent with her training while balancing a busy work schedule.”


Her powerlifting meet results are based on the amount of weight she lifted on 3 exercises: Squat, Bench and Deadlift. She totaled 571 lbs which is made up from a 214 lbs Squat, 93 lbs Bench, and 264 lbs Deadlift. She is considered outstanding for a novice lifter, and her progress is only beginning.

It is clearly possible to maintain a career and achieve your fitness goals at the same time. Regardless if your goals are to compete at a high level, or simply just get in shape so that you can enjoy a healthier life, a consistent schedule, a flexible diet plan, and a focus on your big picture goal will allow you to make this process much more achievable. As for Natasha, she has now set her sights towards another competition towards the end of the year. Who knows…you might be seeing her on a national platform some day 😉


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Written By: Rachel Bitz

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