Beginning his career as an accountant at a very young age, Andrew Wang has always demonstrated a level of drive, valour and vision that is quite rare, but at the same time admirable for someone his age.

Specialising in young businesses and Start-Ups, Andrew has been very involved in the local community; offering his time and expertise in helping new businesses owners in building their dream business while achieving economic sustainability.

Self-identified as a serial entrepreneur, Andrew has embarked on multiple ventures since the ripe age of 24; ranging from online retailing, education, business process efficiency and even design. The fruits of his endeavour had culminated in his co-founding of three Start-Ups: E-West Foods, Studio Ambitious and GEARED Draft+Draw; all of which he is currently operates as their Financial Controller.

Studio Ambitious.


Andrew was generous to take some time out of his hectic schedule to sit down and talk to us and answer some questions regarding his future plans as an Accodex Partner; here’s what he has to say:


What do you specialise in?

“My speciality/passion lies in new business start-up. I love nothing more than seeing people take a big breath, step away from something that just wasn’t for them and chase their dreams. Often people new to business don’t know where to start, I enjoy holding their hand through the beginning process of planning for a business to the stage where everything is up and running, all systems are in place and all the owner needs to do is grow the business.”


What do you love most about what you do?

“First and foremost, I love working with my clients. I love knowing that I can be there to assist them with whatever they need; and most importantly, that they trust me to help them. I also absolutely love systems improvement. Building upon and innovating current systems to make things run more efficiently. It’s an amazing feeling to show a client a different way of doing something which ends up saving them precious time. This can range from little tips to full blown process overhauls.”


“First and foremost, I love working with my clients”


What has been your greatest personal successes in life thus far?

“I honestly can’t pinpoint one. Large milestones don’t seem like huge achievements because I’ve normally visualised it so much in my head that when it happens, it’s already happened in my mind. However, in saying that, probably going into business for myself.”


What lead you to consider joining Accodex?

“I reached a point in my life where I felt that something wasn’t right. I was becoming really unhappy and my health suffered a lot. I believe that life throws us massive signs, we just need to open our eyes to see it. For me, that happened long enough to know that it was a sign for me to change something in my life – that the path I was on was the wrong one. So I decided to listen to my internal voice and quit my job.”


“I reached a point in my life where I felt that something wasn’t right”


Why Accodex, then?

“The amount of digital noise Accodex is making in the marketplace. Just navigating their website, I was glad to see a young accounting firm that embraces technology and innovation. After I had a conversation with CEO, Chris Hooper, I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of.”


How has being a part of Accodex helped?

“I am unsure as of yet. The underlying emotion which I was ‘chasing’ was freedom and fulfilment. Being a part of Accodex doesn’t feel like I’m working for someone or am a part of a firm. This (moving to Accodex) has felt like it was my own choice; I am free to work with clients how I want to and as a result, I have ‘perceived’ freedom.”


With his new role as an Accounting Partner with Accodex, Andrew with his vast experience, will be providing our clients with the high-level of service that he is well known for.



By: Andrew Wang, Accodex Accounting Partner


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