When Markus and I first founded Cirillo Hooper & Company in 2011, the mission was, “To set a new best practice in the accounting profession.” Having won Australia’s Most Innovative Accounting Firms in 2015, suffice to say, I believe that mission had been fulfilled.

Prior to the merger, Clear Business Dynamic’s mission was, “To provide clarity in the cloud.” Its founder Michael Macolino is now widely regarded as one of Australia’s pre-eminent thought leaders in cloud technology.

The combination of the two businesses created a new mission. As it stands, Accodex Partners’ mission is, “To improve the way business gets done.” *Yawn* Philosophically this is correct, but the words are enough to put a room full of auditors to sleep.


Accodex and Clear Business Dynamics merged in November, 2015.


For those of you that have been following at home, Accodex is a unicorn in progress. The common denominator among unicorns is this notion of Massive Transformative Purpose, which Salim Ismail describes as, “A higher, aspirational purpose of an organization, that captures the hearts and minds of those both inside and outside of the organization.” A good example is Google’s “Organize the World’s Information” or Facebook’s “Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”

Before I started the business, I was working as an analyst for a multi-billion dollar company. They had about 100 people just like me, grabbing reports from legacy systems and copy pasting data into spreadsheets to turn it meaningful information for the board and management team. The process was expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, this kind of intelligence was reserved for the billion dollar company’s that could afford a small army of finance analysts. Since I started the company, I’ve noticed a fascinating trend. This intelligence is becoming cheaper and more accessible every day. I first wrote about this phenomena on my LinkedIn 2015. After much interest, I elaborated on GoingConcern’s blog and again on Accountant’s Daily. Although we’re not quite there yet, these days a startup company can have the same level of business intelligence, often better for a fraction of the cost.


Accodex and Clear Business Dynamics merged in November, 2015.



One Final Message

Now Accodex Partners’ new purpose is “To democratize business intelligence globally.

We will not rest until every founder and CEO has got access to full stack business intelligence in real time on their smartphone (or Augmented Reality Glasses).



Written by Chris Hooper

Chief Executive Officer


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  • Blake Oliver

    You nailed it. The output (intelligence) is what matters. So many accountants are obsessed with the inputs. Glad someone is getting it right.

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