Senior Accountant






Ariane was born in Philippines’ art capital, Angono within the province of Rizal. Being the eldest daughter in her family, Ariane learned at an early age the responsibilities of a leader in guiding her younger siblings.


Labelling herself as ‘Cautiously Optimistic,’ Ariane is always vigilant in preparing for any unexpected circumstances; much to the dismay of her colleagues who believe that she puts far too much emphasis on anticipating negative outcomes.



Unlike most conventional children’s dreams, Ariane knew she wanted to become an accountant early in her life. Through the support and motivation of her family, she graduated with her Bachelor’s in Science, Accountancy and earned her first experience within the industry, working as an Accounting Assistant for Austra-Phil Builders Inc.



The first year of her exposure, Ariane effortlessly displayed her diligence and quickly outgrew her assistant position with APBI; moving on to work as an Account Officer for Blucheck Global Services Inc. Now in a managerial position with amplified responsibilities, Ariane would spend the next 15 months with Blucheck; balancing her varying duties ranging from internal revenue compliance to preparing company-wide budgets. Her first year at Blucheck completed, Ariane spent the next 8 months working for Banco de Oro and the Rural Bank of Angono before finishing her second term at Blucheck and subsequently transferring to Diane Pendle Inc.



Over the next two years, Ariane would remain at Diane Pendle as an accountant; working closely with clients and their businesses from different parts of the world, ensuring their compliance and nurturing their growth.



Now a member of Accodex’s Manila crew, Ariane believes that she has finally found a team of colleagues that can acknowledge and accept her quirks. More importantly, she has found a company with a vision that she is willing to bet on.





  • Accodex Partners – Senior Accountant


  • Accodex PartnersAccountant


  • Diane Pendle IncAccountant


  • Blucheck Global Services Inc.Accounts Supervisor


  • Rural Bank of Angono, Inc.Clerk


  • Banco De Oro, Unibank Inc. – Clerk


  • Blucheck Global Services Inc. – Accounting Officer


  • AUSTRA-PHIL Builders Inc. – Accounting Assistant



  • XeroXero Certified Advisor


  • National College of Business and ArtsBachelor of Science in Accountancy


  • Civil Service Commission – Civil Service Professional Passer

“Hope for the best, expect the worst and take what comes.”


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