Amy Hancock
Research & Development Advisory Partner
BEng(PharmaChem) Hons.

Model, photographer, fitness guru, engineer, actress and multi-potentialite entrepreneur. These are just amongst a plethora of skills and talent associated with Amy. Succinctly put, the easiest way to describe what Amy is capable of is to answer with, “Everything.”


Graduating with honours in 2010 in Engineering (Pharmaceutical & Chemical), Amy landed her first job working as a Research Assistant at the Ian Wark Research Institute. Quickly outgrowing her position and eager to advance her growth, Amy joined Ernst & Young less than a year later, coming on-board as their R&D and Technology Consultant. During her time at EY, Amy became a key player in developing R&D tax advisory services for her clients; culminating in her involvement with over 30 projects.


Remaining with EY for just over a year, Amy moved on to work at Santos. Starting as a Downstream Engineer in early 2012; where she would continue to hone her Advisory and Project Management skills over the next 3 years.


During this period, compelled by her entrepreneurial desires, Amy founded ElevenLabs; a health foods company which produces a superfood protein blend to help busy professionals get the nutrition they need.


Despite managing her own business on the side, Amy has never been one to quit nor turn down a challenge. By April 2015, she was hired for the position of Business System Analyst for Raytheon before working for Leigh Creek Energy as their Senior Business Analyst and eventually Project Engineer.


In May 2017, Amy joined Accodex; becoming our first partner specializing in R&D Tax Advisory. Her role uniquely focuses on assisting and educating our clients on their R&D initiatives, teaching them the benefits of R&D tax incentives, as well as aiding them throughout the grant application process. She believes her previous experiences as an advisor within the areas of R&D will benefit our clients considerably.


  • Accodex Partners – Research & Development Advisory Partner
  • ElevenLabs  – Founder & Owner
  • Leigh Creek Energy LTD – Project Engineer, Senior Business Analyst
  • University of Adelaide – Mentor
  • Raytheon – Business System Analyst
  • Santos – Graduate Process Engineer (Facilities Upstream Engineering, Concept Development, Downstream Engineering)
  • Ernst & Young – Research & Development & Technology Consultant
  • Ian Wark Research Institute – Research Assistant
  • Jurlique – Process Engineer


  • University of Adelaide – Bachelor of Engineering (Pharmaceutical & Chemical) Hons.

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