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A long-range study conducted by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia revealed that a lot of Australians have been woefully misinformed when it comes to planning for their retirement. Over past the 11 years, the cost of living for the average Australian has increased significantly with the cost of power rising by 124%, healthcare by 60%, property by 83% and food by 24%.


Yet, despite this, 8 out of 10 adult Australians are not receiving financial advice. In fact, ANZ recently revealed that 41% of the population is not adequately informed regarding their retirement plans; while 15% do not know their super balance.

“…41% of the population are not adequately informed regarding their retirement plans; while 15% do not know their super balance.”

– ANZ Survey of Adult Financial Literacy in Australia


Accodex Wealth is a joint venture envisioned by Platinum Strategies and Accodex Partners. Conceptualised by Shan Zavahir, James Thomas and our very own, Tom Surman, it aims to bridge the gap between Clients and their Financial Planner.


In a world where technology has afforded us with access to information and in real-time, the team at Accodex Wealth are committed to helping and guiding you in reaching your financial goals by providing you with the following services:

Risk Management

Whether it be planning your future retirement or simply managing your current finances, our team are ready to help you meet your financial goals and take away your financial stress.

Advisory & Planning

Our team of experts will help you structure your investments to meet your financial goals; guiding you through every step of the way so that your informed decision-making leads to success.


Unsure how risky your investments are? Let our team of experts help you diversify your portfolio so that you are always making the most informed financial decision.

Risk Diversification

In need of an audit? Our team will help find the right auditor to comb through your investment portfolio, making sure you are compliant and up-to-date with your financial activities.



We offer you peace of mind in helping you select the retirement package you deserve. Give yourself the freedom to spend your money however you want.

Investing in your Future

Selecting the right retirement plan is the first step. Our will be with you through and through; making sure that you are always informed and helping you manage your contributions.


Worried about your coverage? Whether personal or business, our team is determined to help you select the right insurance plan.


Depending on your income, we can help you claim government super contributions. We understand that no matter how much you earn, everyone still deserves a secured retirement plan.

Government Tax Incentives

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

Want to manage your own superannuation fund? Our team will work with you to keep you on top of your SMSF because we understand informed decision-making leads to success.

Getting Started

We will also help you manage and maintain your SMSF portfolio taking away the complexity so that you can focus on achieving your financial goals.

Portfolio Management

Our team ensures that you and all involved parties are educated throughout the process. Whether it be financially or compliance related, we will endeavor to guide you through every step of the way.

SMSF Administration

In need of an audit? Our team will help find the right auditor to comb through your SMSF portfolio, making sure you are compliant and up-to-date with your financial activities.

SMSF Audit

Loans & Investments

Our financial services will help you plan, structure and manage your mortgage repayments so that you can get a good night’s rest.


Need professional guidance on your loans and repayments? Our experienced team will help you work out the right payment structures that you can manage.

Repayment Structuring

Need help managing all your funds? Combining our team's experience alongside our technology, we will help you keep track of your investment growth in real time.

Master Trusts

Have a diverse portfolio? Our team will help ‘wrap’ up your portfolio and use our experience, expertise, and technology, to help you consolidate and manage your investments as they grow.

Wrap Accounts

The Accodex Wealth Team

  • Shan Zavahir Director, Founder, Senior Financial Advisor
  • Tom Surman
    Tom Surman Director, Founder, Senior Accounting Partner
  • James Thomas Director, Founder, Senior Financial Planner

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