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On average Australian small-business owners spend one-third of their time on administrative tasks. Given the access to today’s affordable infrastructure – namely, Cloud-Technology – these numbers should never be acceptable to a business owner nor are they conducive to maintaining a sustainable business.


Over the next 5 years, operators within the construction and trade services sectors, alongside their specialized industries such as plumbing, roofing, and electrical services, are expected to experience a period of growth. However, as all business come to realize, with growth comes an expected increase in responsibilities.


Our team at Accodex Partners are industry specialists who recognize the potential of cloud technology and its importance over the coming years. More than just your average accountants, our partners are determined to be your growth advisors, helping you make the most of the technology available and ensuring that your business is built to last.

“As it stands, the average small business owner is expected to allocate 33% of their time on administrative activities. That equates to 83 days annually spent on tasks that do not generate income. Until we’ve grasped just how much time is required to perform daily admin we can never truly appreciate the value of the time.”

– Joshua Gloede

How cloud technology enhances your business

Technology, regardless of its purpose, is indiscriminate of whom, when and how it re-prioritizes our world. It goes without saying, that in everything that we do, how we get to work, the way we communicate with each other, and how we run our lives, are utterly reliant upon our technology.


It is no secret that Accodex Partners is a paperless company with the majority of our tech infrastructure being run on the cloud. As a team, we have often emphasized the importance of embracing and incorporating technology to build sustainable businesses because we understand the following benefits that cloud technology yields.

Always stay connected. Manage and update your data from anywhere in the world. Whether you are reading from your office computer or your mobile device, you no longer need to worry about double entry errors or repeating errors.


Connected 24/7 you can be sure that your information is always up to date and in real time. Take control of the future of your business – stop relying on hunches and start making informed decisions today.


Stop wasting time your precious time on tasks that do not make you money. Staying back after hours to constantly update your books is now a thing of the past with Accodex Partners’ technology stack.


At a fraction of the price, your small-business can now operate at a level that was only ever available to global enterprises. Accodex’s tech solutions is the first step to the future of business.


Our Value for Your Business

Financial Management

Tired of constantly having to make sure your financial books are up to date? Accodex’s financial management solution turns your daily grind into a problem of the past. Let technology and automation take away the stress of numbers so that you can focus on what you love most; your business.

Team Management

Your staff are adults, and you should be able to manage them like adults. Our staff management solutions offer you and your business the peace of mind the convenience of mobility and flexibility. No matter where they are our certified software ensures that you can track, manage and trust your staff from the comfort of your device.

Xero Accounting Software understands the tedium of perpetually trying to maintain your financial records. That is why with automated bank feeds, Xero makes it easy for you to keep your financial information up-to-date.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Forecast performance for the entire group or for each individual entity all in one place. Explore different scenarios for branches to go down and map the impact on Cash Flow.

Forecasting & Cashflow

Track and manage your staff even when you are away from your business, using Deputy’s kiosk app or personal app. Whether it be at their stations or offsite, Deputy lets you manage your staff from the comfort of your own phone.

Staff Rostering

Get more done together. Create a connected ecosystem for all of your teams to work together on client projects, marketing campaigns, and customer conversions.

Inter-team Communication

Back-office efficiency

Did you know that small-business owners, on average, spend more than 30% of their time on administrative tasks alone? Stop spending all your precious time and resources on tasks that our software can take care of.

Intelligent Growth

Stop making business decisions based on outdated, inaccurate and imprecise data. Accodex’s Business Intelligence solution is focused on securing your business’s future by equipping you with the means to make better informed strategic decisions.

The real-time status of each job is shown in the job management software, so you can see where each job is in the process.

Job Management

Get directions to the job site in two taps - staff won't ever get lost again! ServiceM8 automatically sends the address to your favorite mapping software. We currently support Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, Navigon and Metroview.

Mobile Workforce

Gain greater insight into your business’ performance in real-time using Spotlight Reporting’s customizability to generate graphs and charts suited for any purpose of reporting.

Real-time Reporting

Need to prepare for as many scenarios that you could possibly anticipate. Explore the many different scenarios and plan accordingly to keep your businesses at the top of its game.

Scenario Planning

Our Technology Stack

Financial Management

HR Solutions

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Workflow & Processes

Intelligent Growth

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Spotlight Reporting

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Spotlight Forecasting

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