Omnichannel Retailing

In its simplest form, omnichannel is a multichannel sales method offering the customer a unified user experience. This approach not only speeds up the purchasing experience but also collects valuable data on customer’s behaviour and demands.


Furthermore, by seamlessly integrating feedback mechanisms into the purchasing process, retailers can define the exact nature of the experience they offer customers. In an era where the global eCommerce market is occupied by 12 million stores, it is vital that retailers make their shop stand out amongst the billions of potential customers.


Our team of tech-enabled accountants at Accodex understand and embrace the benefits of cloud technology. Experts within their field, respective fields, Accodex’s Partners determined to help you drive your business to succeed.

“It has been anticipated that by 2021, the Global eCommerce market value will increase by 246.15%; growing from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion.”

– Statista

Leveraging the Cloud for Omnichanneling

By the end of 2018, online Retail is expected to contribute to 8.8 percent of total worldwide retail sales – that’s a financial equivalent to $2.49 trillion. As of now, nearly 25% of online shoppers purchase from online stores each week. With the number of mobile shoppers expected to increase over the next few years, Cloud Technology and the ability to provide Omni-Channel servicing to their customers has never been more important.

Always stay connected. Manage and update your data from anywhere in the world. Whether you are reading from your office computer or your mobile device, you no longer need to worry about double entry errors or repeating errors.


Connected 24/7 you can be sure that your information is always up to date and in real time. Take control of the future of your business – stop relying on hunches and start making informed decisions today.


Stop wasting time your precious time on tasks that do not make you money. Staying back after hours to constantly update your books is now a thing of the past with Accodex Partners’ technology stack.


At a fraction of the price, your small-business can now operate at a level that was only ever available to global enterprises. Accodex’s tech solutions is the first step to the future of business.


Our Services for Omnichannel Retailers

Digital Experience

Put your business in front of millions of people, starting with those in your area. Attract new customers, increase your marketing and engagement, then track the success of your efforts — all in one place. While your online store is being taken care, Collect’s CRM features gathers all our customer’s feedback so that you may anticipate their future demands.

Financial Management

Accodex’s financial management solution turns your daily grind into a problem of the past. Let technology and automation take away the stress of numbers so that you can focus on what you love most; your business.

Managing your eCommerce store has never been easier. Whether it be for Accounting, Inventory Management, Payment Solutions or even Business Intelligence, with Neto, you can be sure that your business is still running all the time.

Online eCommerce

Collect’s Point-of-Sale and eCommerce integrations will help you deliver a smooth customer experience, while collecting customer and purchase data to help you run your marketing campaigns.

CRM & Loyalty Rewards

Xero Accounting Software understands the tedium of perpetually trying to maintain your financial records. That is why with automated bank feeds, Xero makes it easy for you to keep your financial information up-to-date.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

It's a 360º picture of your business today and tomorrow. High Sales incoming? Gross Profit % decreasing? Find out as or before it happens with Current and Predictive Alerts.

Business Intelligence

Back-office efficiency

Did you know that small-business owners, on average, spend more than 30% of their time on administrative tasks alone? Stop spending all your precious time and resources on tasks that our software can take care of.

Payment Solutions

Don’t tie up your cash! Combining Tyro and eWAY, our payment solution seamless automates all your payments so you all your financial information is all up to date. Get your credit card payments into your bank account fast and you have the money available to invest in marketing, stock, staff and anything else you need to help grow your business.

Track and manage your staff even when you are away from your business, using Deputy’s kiosk app or personal app. Whether it be at their stations or offsite, Deputy lets you manage your staff from the comfort of your own phone.

Staff Rostering

Unleashed is in the cloud. Meaning you get the benefits of accessing your warehouse from virtually anywhere in the world. With real-time information, you will always have an accurate on your products and inventory turnover.

Inventory Management

Whether your customers are using Visa, American Express, MasterCard or even Apple Pay, Tyro ensures that you will get paid without the frivolous hassle of specific payment services.

Payment Terminal

Combine your online and face to face payments with a solution that brings both online payment processing and SmartPOS together. Then, you can be paid online, in your shop or out and about.

Payment Gateway

Our Omnichannel Technology Stack

Digital Solutions

Financial Solutions

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Back-office Solutions

Payment Solutions

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Unleashed Inventory

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