From Humble Beginnings


1997 Rewind to the Beginning

The Accodex story starts with Giulio Cirillo, a Bachelor educated accountant and a former member of CPA Australia. In 1997 he decided that after 11 years in the field of commerce, he would start his own accounting practice. He sought to become a Professional National Accountant (PNA) and register the business with the National Institute of Accountants.


2009 – An Idea is Planted


Giulio’s son, Markus Cirillo started work in the practice after he had finished high school. Markus, under the guidance of his father, learnt the ropes of the accounting business while studying at TAFE for an Advanced Diploma of Accounting. It was a Sunday in December 2009 that while repairing a fence in the back yard with Markus and his childhood friend Chris that Giulio expressed an interest in retirement.


Chris a graduate accountant who was then working for a medium sized Chartered Accounting firm said, “Why don’t you sell it to us?” It was then that the idea of Cirillo Hooper & Company was formed.

“It was then that the idea of

Cirillo Hooper & Company was formed.”


2011 – The Lion Emerges

Cirillo Hooper & Company was formed officially on the 16th of March 2011, but did not actively commence trading until 1 July 2011. During that first year Markus and Chris were both working from home slowly building up their client base. Chris maintained a job at an ASX listed company to support cashflow in the business.


2012 – Two Roads Diverge…I Took the One Less Travelled


In March 2012 Chris left his career at Downer, around the same time he completed the Chartered Accountants program. In July 2012 Markus and Chris moved into the Aurora building and the firm experienced significant growth in that year. In the same year, Chris’ work was recognized in the BBQ to Boardroom book, profiling South Australia’s most influential business people.


2013 – Our Team Grows

That year the partnership fast track program was launched with the intention of taking four young accountants and getting them partnership ready in a short period of time. Chris ran a fundraiser for his birthday and raised over $5,000 for charity. In the same year, the firm acquired Kohlhagen Group.


“In the same year, the

firm acquired Kolhagen Group.”


2014 – Rise of the Clouds


This year was the year of awards. Chris wins Young Citizen of the Year in January and Young Manager of the Year in November. The firm was a finalist in the 100% Cloud Award at XeroCon where Chris also presented on automation in the accounting industry. Accodex was instrumental in the launch of the Future Accountants Network, a community of young accountants that will shape the future of the profession.


2015 – Accodex is Born

Mike Wilcyznski, a friend of Markus and Chris decided to join the practice, having already established a practice of his own. This proved to be a perfect opportunity to rebrand to Accodex and reinvigorate the firm’s business model. In March, the firm issued a private offer for shares to raise $300,000 in capital to finance further growth.


By November of 2015, Accodex had acquired with Clear Business Dynamics, a Cloud Integration Firm in Adelaide. The merger solidified Accodex’s desire and capabilities to provide our clients access to enterprise level Cloud Technology; further enhancing our service extending beyond what most accounting firms would offer.


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