• "I joined Accodex because I hit capacity as a sole practitioner. I was so busy doing the work, that I couldn't take on new clients and I didn't have the time to hire and train staff."

    Mike Wilczynski
    Mike Wilczynski Accodex
  • "I recommend Accodex Partners to anyone who owns a business and would like to grow it!"

    Deb Beelitz
    Deb Beelitz The Lunch Bar
  • "I wish Accodex was around before I went into practice. Building all the infrastructure from scratch took a solid year of billable time!"

    Markus Cirillo
    Markus Cirillo Accodex
  • "Accodex have taken the hassle out of tax for me, which frees up my time to focus on my business."

    Ben Cove
    Ben Cove Ben COve Strength & Conditioning
  • "The whole team at Accodex Partners know their business and do it well."

    Steven ter Horst
    Steven ter Horst Steven ter Horst Chocolatier
  • "Accodex Partners are the type of Accountant every self-employed person should have."

    Miriam Castila
    Miriam Castila Smartline North Adelaide
  • "When I was going into practice I thought, 'Surely I don't have to build this all from scratch!' I remember staying up late searching for 'Accounting Franchises' only to be disappointed by the results."

    Chris Hooper
    Chris Hooper Accodex

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